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Ultimate Comics of North Carolina is running a live virtual event tomorrow for their eighteenth birthday, and are giving away $1000 worth of variants (including the Peach Momoko TMNT exclusive which goes for about $500) to people who tune in Sunday, September 30th, will see the "Ultimate Comics Live Show Giant Sized Anniversary Spectacular "running from 3[...]
Absolute Carnage: Breakout - Norman Osborn Stars in New Marvel Motion Comic
Treadwell – LUC RODERIQUE Assistant – RHONA REES Dark Carnage – PETER KELAMIS Spider-Man – COLE HOWARD Harry Osborn – LEE MAJDOUB Watch it below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogNyuj40oRgVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Absolute Carnage: Breakout | Marvel Ultimate Comics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogNyuj40oRg) It took half a century or so, but Marvel Comics has finally managed to figure out how to improve on[...]
While No One Was Paying Attention, Marvel Finally Figured Out Motion Comics
But most importantly, it's entertaining rather than cringe-worthy to watch. Apparently, this is the fourth in a series of War of the Realms "Ultimate Comics." Maybe we'll start paying more attention Watch it below. Captain Marvel is no stranger to war, but the WAR OF THE REALMS is pretty strange, and Carol has never faced any foe[...]
A Different Way To Start Free Comic Book Day
Ultimate Comics in Durham, North Carolina had the usually set up for Free Comic Book Day, the free books, the creators including Tommy Lee Edwards (Vandriod, Marvels 1985) Danial Way (Deadpool) , Richard Case (Doom Patrol)  and Jeremy Whitley (Princeless), costumes, face-painting and a charity 5K run…. What? You're local shop didn't do a charity 5K[...]
Shop Wars: Ultimate Comics Vs. Chapel Hill Comics
Last year we ran an article about Acme Comics and Ultimate Comics of North Carolina and their warring competition comic conventions Non-compete clauses, insulting cartoons, it got quite nasty. Well, it's 2014 And the war is back on This time between Ultimate Comics and neighboring Chapel Hill Comics. Chapel Hill announced a big sale on March 17th[...]
Ulitmate Comics Brings You The Vandroid Van-Club
Looking for a 70s flashback of epic proportions? From Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith and Dan McDaid comes Vandroid, an epic story of a washed up van designer-turned cyberneticist savant, his technological masterpiece, and the corporate baddies who want to tear it all down! Published by Dark Horse, the five issue comic miniseries Vandroid, will be released in[...]
North Carolina Store Announces Memorial On 10th Anniversary Date
In what is either one of the most clever marketing campaigns, steeped in the history of comic events OR in a marketing campaigned steeped in comic over-hype and in really bad taste… Ultimate Comics is using the supposed death of store Founder Al Gill to bring people in for a memorial on the stores 10th[...]
Marvel's Winter Cataclysm – Thursday Trending Topics
Time for Thanksgiving month solicits already…? Summer flew by this year. In November, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Ultimate Comics X-Men and Ultimate Comics The Ultimates are no more Instead we have… Cataclysm And all the Ultimate comics starting new mini-series in November. Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday: All Ultimate Titles Cancelled In November And Replaced With Cataclysm… And Miles Morales[...]
Free Avengers Vs X-Men Day In North Carolina
Bleeding Cool has pointed out how, after increased discounts and valuable variant cover distribution, comic book retailers basically getting all their copies of Avengers Vs X-Men #1 without costing them a cent. Well Ultimate Comics of Durham, North Carolina seems to have taken that to heart On April 3rd, for their Avengers Vs X-Men launch party[...]
Whosoever Wields The Mighty Locking Button…
Bleeding Cool reported this morning on the early availability of Ultimate Comics Thor #2 on the iPhone and iPad – followed by its sudden withdrawal and disappearance from the reader app from those who had paid to download it. Said purchasers have just received the following letter; Thank you for your recent purchase of Ultimate Comics Thor[...]
Brian Bendis Remembers Getting Laid A Lot In The Nineties – Official
Earlier today I ran the story that Marvel would be relaunching the Ultimate Comics titles with Foilogram enhancement covers, reminiscent of Marvel and many other publishers choices during the nineties, including Ghost Rider #15, the Fatal Atrractions crossover and Punisher War Journal#1. A few hours later Marvel put out a press release announcing the story, confirming[...]