Skip Brittenham And Brian Haberlin Return With 'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon'

In 2012, creators Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin came out with science-fiction epic Anomaly. Now they're back, and after three years of work, are ready to release Anomaly 2: The Rubicon.

The over-sized book, 15" x 10", is 264 pages and is presented, like it's predecessor, in a horizontal format. The creators feeling that the 'widescreen' format allows for a more immersive storytelling experience. For those who haven't read the original, the sequel is said to be full accessible to new readers.

But the book has another unique feature: an augmented reality function you can access through a free downloadable app for smartphones and tablets. The app allows for better viewing of 3-D images, as well as access to bonus scenes, animations, and an expanded digital appendix/encyclopedia of the wider Anomaly universe.

The creators plan to add more content after publication, meaning that the experience will continue to grow after your initial purchase. Some of the additional content will be new scenes, new developments, and even "making of" demos.

That's all cool, but the story has to be good, too, right? Here is how they describe it:

"Anomaly 2: The Rubicon is a futuristic epic of adventure, discovery and what it means to be human in a world dominated by technology and bureaucracy. In the original installment, a diverse group of explorers journeyed to a remote planet known as Anomaly, a bizarre world that seemed to defy all expectations of planetary development and evolution. But it was a voyage from which they were never meant to return. In ANOMALY 2, the mission survivors discover shocking secrets behind the planet's origins, and why the Conglomerate – the all-powerful hegemony that rules human-controlled space – wants those secrets to remain hidden.

Half the galaxy away and presumed dead, the survivors will now bring the fight to those who sent them off to perish. Captained by Jon, a veteran soldier seeking redemption for his past, and inspired by Samantha, a wealthy elite citizen who dreams of a more just society, they are determined to expose the dark secrets that keep the Conglomerate in power. They will take their stand at a place called the Rubicon: a planet-wide display of power, wealth and military might. A showy and decadent high-tech carnival where the latest killing machines are paraded before the public and where citizens are entertained by gruesome blood sports. Here, they will have one chance to make a push against a system that is ruthless about pushing back."

Anomaly 2: The Rubicon will be in comic book stores on September 20th and available from traditional and online booksellers on November 15th. Here is a video teaser followed by a few pages from the book.

Anomaly 2 Skip Brittenham And Brian Haberlin Return With 'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon' Skip Brittenham And Brian Haberlin Return With 'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon' Skip Brittenham And Brian Haberlin Return With 'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon' Skip Brittenham And Brian Haberlin Return With 'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon'

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