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'Birds of Prey': Check Out a Bunch of New Images!

Birds of Prey stars Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, and Ewan McGregor, and follows Harley Quinn as she joins forces with Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli, and Renee Montoya to save Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord Black Mask. Birds of Prey is the first R-rated DCEU[...]

7 Character Posters for "Birds of Prey" Highlights the Core Cast

3 Cameos We Would Like to See in "Birds of Prey"

The unpredictable Quinn will be joined by several new additions to the DCEU, including Huntress and Black Canary to round out the iconic comic book squad, even adding Cassandra Cain who was once known as Batgirl While we are already receiving a solid lineup for Birds of Prey, that typically comes with cameos and teasers[...]

Report: 'Birds of Prey' May Have Found Their Batgirl

to play Cassandra Cain, the 4th Batgirl.If this is the case, she'll be joining Margot Robbie who will be reprising her Suicide Squad role of Harley Quinn, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress and Jurnee Smollett-Bellon as Black Canary. Ewan McGregor will reportedly be playing the villainous Black Mask, and Rosie Perez will portray Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya.Cathy Yan will be[...]

Tomorrow, Cassandra Cain Gets A Brand New Identity…

Cassandra Cain. Daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, she's been Batgirl She's been Black Bat She's been labelled "toxic" at DC Comics before being revived as an ongoing New 52 character by Scott Snyder in Batman & Robin Eternal.And now? Tomorrow she gets a brand new identity to add to the list, in Batman & Robin[...]

Batman And Robin Eternal #13 Gives Cassandra Cain A Brand New Look… (SPOILERS)

Cassandra Cain gets a brand new look in Batman & Robin Eternal #13 A brand new mask A brand new identity? I may also be something that casual cosplayers might love.It is a little Star Wars: The Force Awakens...A fan favourite character and a previous Batgirl, Cassandra Cain was once dismissed as toxic at DC Comics, but was[...]

Your First Look At The New Cassandra Cain

Posted by on Reddit /r/comicbooks by user ME24601 the cover to Batman & Robin Eternal #3 - the first issue of which is out later today......and the return of Cassandra Cain, drawn here by Tony S Daniel.   Posted by on Reddit /r/comicbooks by user ME24601 the cover to Batman & Robin Eternal #3 - the[...]

Cassandra Cain Will Not Be Batgirl, "Or Anything Like That" – Tony S Daniel

Talking to CBR about the appearance of Cassandra Cain in the upcoming Batman And Robin Eternal weekly series from DC Comics, Tony Daniel wanted to make something very clear. She's also one of my favorite characters I loved her in "Batgirl," and I loved working on her with Geoff Johns as she was in our "Teen[...]

The DC Comics Character Hiding In Robin, Son Of Batman (SPOILERS)

And it's not just criminals she goes for, police are also in her scope.And the daughter of Nobody seems to have a thing for the son of Batman.Here's the thing, how many female daughters of assassins are there in the Batman universe? Could this this be a revival of fan favourite, once-upon-a-time Batgirl Cassandra Cain,[...]

Scott Snyder's 'Very Soon' Plans For Cassandra Cain

As part of Saturday's #Batchat over on Twitter, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo talked about their work on Batman, past, present and future, Including the fate of a certain Batgirl who has been only fleetingly seen since the New 52… We have very immediate plans for Cass. Not indefinite, like years away plans, (1/2) @Ssnyder1835 […]

Cassandra Cain And Stephanie Brown Back As Batgirl – And Welcome Tiffany!

Want.Which is the introduction of Cassandra Cain into the New 52, and straight into the Batgirl costume...Stephanie Brown in the Batgirl suit...Oh yes and twelve year old African American Tiffany in the costume Can't you see those cosplay designs already being worked up?Also, that means there's a seven year old Tiffany around somewhere in the[...]

Diggle To Join Green Arrow #25, Superman/Wonder Woman To Target A Female Audience And No Comment On Ben Affleck – The DC Panel At Toronto Fan Expo

Noir mixed with Mad Max'.As always, an audience question about Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain was answered with a resounding no from John Cunningham, there are still no plans to bring them back.But keep asking!Eddie Berganza and Brian Cunningham were also on the panel...   Diana McCallum reports for Bleeding Cool from Toronto Fan Expo.Just got[...]

Talking To Dan DiDio About Stephanie Brown And Rob Liefeld

He said that they will be back eventually, and they are waiting for the right story.I pointed out I think the big issue with with Cassandra Cain and Stephanie is that Batman's story arc, with the exception of Barbara Gordon coming back seems to be the same as before the New 52 You have all[...]

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

And now we have Woman Woman versus  Cassandra Cain Batgirl with Greg Rucka, Bryan Q Miller, Dana Delaney and Gail Simone showing their support The final vote runs until 9pm EST/6pm PT/2am GMT.Meanwhile Aspen is finishing its vote to design the cast of the upcoming comic Idolized by David B Schwartz and Micah Gunnell[...]

Sunday Runaround: Superman Red & Superman Blue. Also: Brilliant

 Talk of Defenders, Cassandra Cain, Pantsless Vampi (that'd be a good series title, yeah?), and Ghost Rider Plus a touch of Robocop and other tidbits from the world outside Chicago Let's get to it:C2E2 2011: Bendis and Bagley on Their BRILLIANT Creator-Owned Debut The two creators are certainly familiar with each other — they collaborated on[...]