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Conner Kent And Roy Harper Remembering Themselves
With Conner Kent's Superboy's history laid out in jpegs and folders. Conner Kent, dissected in Suicide Squad #3 While Roy Harper has to make do with flashback in Infinite Frontier: Secret Files. Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #2 And a run-through of some of his former identities, all coming together again. Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #2 Back from the dead – but[...]
Amanda Waller Hates Superboy - All Of Them
Not for the first time, of course, but this seems to be leading up to something across DC's titles. This week, Amanda Waller appeared in Superman, manipulating an emergency situation to find potential vulnerabilities in Superman and Superboy – potentially threatening Superman's life, if future history has anything to say. In Future State: Suicide Squad, Conner Kent[...]
Titans Season 3 has something coming out this Monday. (Image: WarnerMedia)
Plus, we have a few other surprises in store for hardcore Starfire fans this season." (Images: HBO Max) Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing), Anna Diop (Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire), Teagan Croft (Rachel Roth / Raven), Ryan Potter (Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy), Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger / Dove), Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall / Hawk), Curran Walters (Jason Todd / Red Hood),[...]
Titans star Joshua Orpin introduced the world to the newest Krypto (Image: WarnerMedia)
This time around we're hearing from someone who's been MIA in our updates so far: Joshua Orpin aka Conner aka Superboy- but he found a huge way to make a first impression In the post below, Orpin introduces the world to the series newest Krypto, Pepsi. Titans star Joshua Orpin introduced the world to the newest[...]
Mon-El Family History Revealed - Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 Spoilers
In the sixties, that story was reused in the Superboy comic, this time as Lar Gand of Daxam, named by Superboy as Mon-El, before being put into Phantom Zone stasis because of lead kryptonite poisoning, revived in the 30th century as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Mon-El Family History Revealed – Legion Of Super-Heroes[...]
Titans Season 3: Red Hood, Scarecrow, Comm. Barbara Gordon & More
Mute after his father failed to rescue him from having his vocal cords severed by assassins, Chella Man's (YouTube influencer/activist) Jericho has the unique ability to possess anyone just by making eye contact. Joshua Orpin's (The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories) Conner Kent/Superboy is the angsty teenager of steel searching for purpose and the truth about his[...]
Young Justice #17 Review: Could Easily Be Forgotten
Superboy, Drake, and Impulse As younger men, these three iconic heroes built Young Justice on their friendship Now their dream has grown and changed as much as they have And with the demands of adulthood pulling them in different directions, they realize that nights like this one may never happen again. In the aftermath of[...]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #7 Review: So Many Characters On Panel
There was even a hint of some kind of rivalry between Mon-El and Superboy, which is very logical if you think it through. Unfortunately, the weird digression with the contingent from Winath didn't drive the narrative forward, nor did the Triplicate Girl scene and Monster Boy is just hard to keep up with There are so[...]
Jonathan Kent's 5G Future – Mon-El As Well? Legion Of Super-Heroes #7
For those Bendis fans who have missed that, you have it here in spade3s, as the Legion decide they probably have to do something about this own organisation, election, leadership and the lot. But with the presence of Superboy, we also get the word from Madame President of Jonathan Kent's much gossiped about plans for his[...]
Action Comics #1023 Review: A Big Chunk Of Biff And Pow
As well, Connor Kent, the multiply-rebooted Superboy of another era, is just kind of hanging out and trying to figure some things out. If the Red Cloud had this exact same day happening some other time, she may have had a big of an edge On this day, well … A preview page from Action Comics #1023[...]
Connor Kent Meets Superman – and Superboy Prime (Spoilers)
Today's Action Comics #1020 drops a shoe from Brian Bendis' run on Young Justice, with Conner Kent – the Superboy/Lex Luthor clone who really shouldn't exist in this continuity, meeting Superman But rather that having some emotional moment, or a tonne of exposition, it's hurried and rushed, because Superman – and the Justice League –[...]