Catwoman #1 Review: Moving on from Batman #50

Catwoman has left Gotham. She has been partying, gambling, and generally having fun for days now. However, someone dressed as Catwoman has perpetrated a robbery, killing two police officers in the process. As such, the police are after Selina Kyle, and she must escape capture and discover who is ruining her day.

Catwoman #1 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred
Catwoman #1 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred

Despite my problems with Batman #50, I was still looking forward to reading Joelle Jones' take on Catwoman. I'm glad to say that this first installment is a fast-moving and overall enjoyable issue starring one of Gotham's best anitheroes.

Jones spends much of the issue trying to put us in Selina's headspace. Despite obliquely claiming that this comic would spoil Batman #50 on the cover, you would have to intuit the connections. The comic never says what is eating Selina or what sent her on a days-long party binge.

Despite that, I never found completely in tune with the character while reading. Admittedly, this is an out-of-the-ordinary day for Selina Kyle, but we never get much out of her than her own vague misery and anger at being impersonated. There is still emotional engagement, but it's pretty one-note.

That said, this is a first issue, and I still enjoyed the hell out of it. As such, this problem wasn't an outright killer in the grand scheme.

Catwoman #1 art by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred
Catwoman #1 art by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred


Jones' artwork does not disappoint; she puts the same flare and skill into this book that was seen in Batman issues back. The style lends itself to the fast-moving fluidity of the pacing. There is still a lot of line detailing to provide grit and distinction to the visuals. Laura Allred provides the color work, and she contrasts dark black and pale white throughout to give a fittingly severe contrast to the book.

Catwoman #1 is an exciting and frenetic entry to the new world of Selina Kyle, her identity as it is now, and the struggles she will face. I quite enjoyed it, and I think others will too. Give this one a try; it comes recommended.

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