Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez New Ongoing Team On Batman From #125

Announced at ComicsPRO's Annual Conference, which is taking place virtually around the world for a second year in a row, Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez are the new creative team on the monthly Batman title from Batman #125 going forward. Jimenez along with Tomeu Morey was the acclaimed artist on the run with James Tynion IV, and his absence from the book after Tynion left was tinged with the premise that he wasn't going anywhere and would be back. And now, Chip is the first writer to be the lead ongoing writer on Batman and Daredevil at the same time. Not even Frank Miller managed to line that up. DC states;

Along with Tomeu Morey on colors, "Failsafe" is the team's six-issue debut story arc. Bruce Wayne is having nightmares of a future he can't stop. But he may not make it to that future, as a startling enemy from Batman's past has one relentless goal. To end Batman, no matter what it takes.
"To say that this is a dream job is an understatement," said Zdarsky. "Writing Batman, carving out his terrifying future has been so much fun, and getting to do it with Jorge, the perfect modern Batman artist, is almost overwhelming!" "Failsafe is just the beginning; Jorge and I are taking Bruce Wayne to some really wild places and we hope everyone enjoys the ride!"
During his tenure on the title, artist Jimenez has quickly cemented his place as one of the great Batman artists of all time, and a true fan-favorite, eager to return with new and exciting takes on the Caped Crusader. "Returning to Batman is something really special for me," says Jimenez. "Doing this with Chip, one of the best writers in comics, is simply the best possible scenario at this point in my career." "Chip's writing is inspiring me to create a new narrative and aesthetic, and I can't wait to show Batman fans something different from my previous run."
In addition to interiors from their debut issue, retailers were treated to an early look at incredible cover art, featuring a main wraparound cover by Jimenez, with variant covers by InHyuk Lee and Simone Di Meo.

On his Substack, Chip writes;

Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez New Ongoing Team On Batman From #125

I'm the new writer of BATMAN.

Joining me on the title with the over-sized issue 125 is the immensely talented Jorge Jiménez, who's already had an awesome tenure on that title, so he'll be the expert I ask all of my questions to, like, "where's Alfred" and "why a bat?"

Early on in the process I let him know I'd be going a little darker with the scripts and Jorge immediately grabbed onto that and turned in pages that were gritty and intense, but still had the bigger-than-life energy of a Jorge Jiménez drawing. He's the best! Truly the best. And yes, he is putting up with my bullshit, thank god.

For all those asking, yes, this is for the long haul. Or at least until DC realizes their mistake. I've been cooking up plans that will be felt through all the bat-titles, which have an amazing roster of talent on them, and I think readers will be pretty happy.

I know this is usually the point when the new writer proclaims their love for the character blah blah loved them since I was a kid blah blah huge responsibility, etc. But it's Batman! Of course I love him! I don't take this gig lightly, but at the same time … I kind of do? I'm having a lot of fun writing these issues and these characters, and that's the "lightly" here. I'm writing stories with a smile on my face. I'm writing stories for my brother, who loves the character too. It's Batman. If I can't have fun writing Batman, then my brain is broken.

I don't want to give away too much about where we're going here. Anyone who's read my Daredevil run knows I like to plan things out and keep things under wrap so people just enjoy what they're reading instead of enjoying spoilers before they read it. All I'll say is, our first arc, Failsafe, is Batman's Doomsday. It's non-stop action and puts Batman in a very different place by the end of it.

I gave an interview to about the announcement. There's some more info there, but not much! Those pesky reporters aren't getting anything out of Tight-Lips Zdarsky!!!

And also, for anyone asking, yes I'm staying on Daredevil! I love that book and Marco and I are in a pretty grand home stretch right now. But, hey, maybe Marvel will fire me? Maybe they know that a writer doing both Daredevil and Batman at the same time could open up a "gritty-ninjaesque-white-dude-with-stubble-and-tragedy-on-a-gargoyle-in-the-rain" wormhole in the space-time continuum and destroy all of reality?

We'll see! At least we know who is first in line for a Batman/Daredevil crossover now. Suck on that, Bendis!!!

And he promises more bat-gossip from his Substack and "for all those with paid subscriptions, there's a very funny and beautiful Kaptara guest comic coming out on Friday!" Just while he has your attention…

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