Comic Con Nerds Will Save Earth. Maybe.

Jonathan Woodard writes for Bleeding Cool:

I'm Jonathan Woodard and I'm probably best known for drawing and completing the first comic made entirely on an iPad "Samuel J. Coffy: Action Panda Cop". I'm now working on a new web comic – "GET TO THE CON".

It's about a group of 30 year old nerds who are all stuck at their dead end jobs and want to go to comic con one last time. You have Tim, the unemployed artist. Max, the wresting fan. Tina (Tim's Girlfriend) who's into fantasy stuff and Greg the tech guy from a local big box office supply store. Together they travel to their last comic con… at least that was the plan. While on their journey an alien armada is planning to attack earth and after seeing the group in their cosplay costumes, think they are earth's greatest warriors. To conquer earth, the aliens feel they must first eliminate the threat of these warriors. Thus begins a crazy whirlwind adventure that is – GET TO THE CON.

This comic will be updated weekly on his blog which is hosted at

I attend several comic cons and saw that the die-hard cosplayers spend a ton of time researching, creating and replicating their favorite characters, movies, etc. Some of the work is so authentic and real that it's essentially battle armor. If the crap hit the fan and aliens attacked earth, would you want to be stuck with the accountant or the guy who's spent all his spare time playing strategy games and building armor and weapons in his basement?


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