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Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin 2022 – Check Out The Losers

DC Comics announced the results of their tournament vote for an upcoming comic book project that is confusingly called a Round Robin even though it is not a Round Robin. And last year, won by Robins which felt a little like nominative determinism.

Well, the final results are in. DC Comics tweeted out "Ready to take flight? Soar into action with #DCRoundRobin2022 winner SUPERBOY: THE MAN OF TOMORROW by @KenBlakePorter and @jahnoyl later this year." So that's Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow by Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsay, beating out Suicide Squad: Dark by Zac Thompson and Garry Brown 72% to 28%, with 3475 votes. The power of Conner Kent, the clone of Lex Luthor and Superman, compels you…

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022

Determined to find his place in a strange universe, Conner Kent/Superboy leaves Earth behind. But his journey of self-discovery brings him face to face with a group of freedom fighters who challenge not just everything Conner stands for, but what it means to bear the Superman crest.

Here's a page that was used to help promote the series and garner the votes.

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022

Here are the other contenders, what we got to know about them before they were voted out. Maybe they might return some day?

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling by Cavan Scott and Fico Ossio
Hawkman and Hawkwoman have never had children together. They know that for a fact. Then who is Hektor Hol, the hotheaded, razor-winged teen who claims to be their son? Can they trust their own memories or each other?

Wildcat: Nine Lives
Wildcat's spent eight of his nine lives showing the ropes to some of the DC Universe's heaviest hitters, and he's got the scarred knuckles and reset bones to prove it. But now he's only got one more life to go. How fearless would you be if you knew it was your last round in the ring?

The Questions: Grand Solution 
What happens when people from all walks of life are activated as faceless vigilantes, each forced to solve an Alternate Reality Game where the stakes are life and death? That's THE QUESTION, but does RENEE MONTOYA have the SOLUTION?

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Constantine & The Demon: Vacation from Hell  by Frank Allen and Nick Virella
Arcane guile meets hellish fury! John Constantine is forced to play host to Etrigan the Demon and the pair embark on a deeply personal—and potentially apocalyp-tic—mission. Journeying back home to Liverpool, Constantine must confront ghosts from his past, and Etrigan isn't exactly his first choice for an ally! John Constantine's deceptive nature catches up with him when he is caught cheating by a mysterious individual at a mystic's poker game. After being interrupted by a talking corpse with a cryptic message, demanding Constantine return home, John is punished for his sins. Soon a magically nerfed Constantine is on a plane, traveling to his home city of Liverpool. With Etrigan the Demon. In his body. Uninvited. On arrival, John and Etrigan meet up with the voice of the corpse. The pair are then tasked with locating and safeguarding a child, who has come into possession of an evil, parasitic artifact of immense power. The clock is ticking as the two unlikely and unwilling allies race to save an innocent before the ancient corruption consumes her soul. With an unstable tether to a prince of the pit, and his powers severely reduced, Constantine must beg, borrow, or steal anything of magical use he can in order to face an army of nightmares. From old wounds springs a fresh hell. It's going to be unconventional.

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Suicide Squad: Dark by Zac Thompson and Garry Brown
A team of occult misfits and monsters, assembled by Amanda Waller and led by Vampire Batman, are forced into a mind-melting suicide mission to assassinate Earth-13's League of Shadows. Meet the occult Task Force Dof Earth-13. Field leader Vampire Batman commands a top-secret team of murderers, monsters, and demons. The magic-dampening parasites hooked into their brains keep them following orders, and the promise of freedom keeps them motivated. Thanks to the mysterious benefactor known only as Milton, Amanda Waller has built the ultimate Squad…on another Earth! She's handpicked a deranged team to topple the supernatural world of sorcery and permanent twilight. Yes, she's going to do the unthinkable. She's going to eliminate the League of Shadows…but to what end? Suicide Squad: Dark is a speculative horror story about dark Multiversal conspiracy, endangered species, and the possible end of all things. It's the dark mirror of the Suicide Squad where everything is weird and not quite as it seems. When team handler Frankenstein discovers his teammate Spore may be a reputed ecoterrorist from Earth-41, he sets in motion a series of events that quickly spin out of his control. Worse, Task Force X has few allies to help make sense of the true scope of their peril. Who is Waller taking orders from? What the hell are those worms hanging off their heads? No, really, who the **** is Milton? Vampire Batman, Frankenstein, Raven, Gorilla Grodd, Spore, Zatanna, Plasma-Man, and Sinestro are dying to find out.

Justice League Redacted 
Green Arrow has watched many heroes—the great, the good, the kind—be forever scarred by the darkness they swear to fight. Rather than sit by and let any more of his friends fall to the festering abyss, he decides to create a Justice League black-ops team of fighters who can survive a few more shadows—because as far as he's concerned, they may already be lost. Green Arrow's team of Nemesis, Killer Frost, Manhunter, Metamorpho, and Cheshire are needed more than ever. Green Arrow was worried about what happens when you look the abyss in the eye? That goes double when Johnny Sorrow and Merlyn team up.

Firestorm: Fourth World Problems
When Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch make the startling discovery that the Firestorm Matrix contains a spark of the Life Equation, Darkseid and his army turn their sights toward the teenage nuclear heroes. But can Ronnie and Jason put their differences aside and combine into Firestorm, or will Darkseid claim the matrix for himself and Apokolips?

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear by Brandon Easton and Travis Mercer
REVERSE-FLASH melds with PARALLAX in an unprecedented combination of the Speed Force and the fear-based yellow power ring to create a deadly SPEED RING to shatter OA's central Green Lantern battery. A confused and isolated Kid Flash (Wallace West) must chase Thawne across a variety of alien worlds to stop him and the Sinestro Corps while his own powers die because of Kid Flash's slow dis-connection with the Speed Force… KID FLASH (Wallace West) suddenly finds himself torn from the surface of the Earth in a cosmic storm caused by a tear in the Speed Force. As he investigates, Kid Flash learns that REVERSE-FLASH has merged with the dangerous entity PARALLAX—an entity composed of fear energy that powers the yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps. Their unholy combination crafts the unprecedented Speed Ring, which can generate enough interdimensional velocity to shatter the central battery of the Green Lantern Corps on OA. Somehow, Kid Flash has been caught up in the vortex of the creation of the Speed Ring, which destabilizes the walls of the Multiverse!

Black Canary: When Canaries Cry
WHEN CANARIES CRY When Black Canary intercepts an intelligence operative trying to deliver sensitive material on an encrypted disk, she finds herself plunged into the world of espionage to contend with an international consortium known only as Mysterium. With the help of a French spy, Dinah must stop this shadow organization from instigating war for their own profit.

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever by Si Spurrier and Marco Santucci
A dark far-future. A galaxy gripped by tyranny. When an elderly farmer in a backwater system is brutalized by the latest thugs with jetpacks and jackboots to call themselves lawmen, he remembers a forgotten past. An era of champions. A cadre of noble peacekeepers, long since vanished. His name—he's sure of it—is JOHN STEWART. Whatever happened to the Green Lanterns Corps…and is it too late to reignite the light…?… A million years from now. A galaxy convulsed by violence, where godlike emperors wield unthinkable power and wage pitiless interstellar war. Here the ancient echoes of our heroic age—our DCU—lie fossilized, rendered as myth or forgotten entirely.

DC Horror Presents: Ghost Tour from Hell by Tee Franklin and Dominike "Domo" Stanton
A frantic mother begs for Madame Xanadu's help in finding her missing son—last seen on a ghost tour with friends. Xanadu's reading reveals there's a nefarious being behind the disappearances in New Orleans. Enlisting the help of the Demon Etrigan and Deadman, the trio quickly realize that they're on a Ghost Tour from hell and they're no match for these supernatural kidnappers.

Animal Man: The Metamorphosis
Buddy Baker, aka Animal Man, has serious problems. His home life is in shambles, his daughter's powers are awakening, and the world needs him, but he's stuck. He needs change. Soon Animal Man will enter a cocoon…but when the metamorphosis is complete, what will emerge?

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022
DC Comics' Round Robin

Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy by Scott Bryan Wilson and Skylar Patridge.
In 1947, three events kindled America's fascination with UFOs: the men in black, flying saucer sightings, and the Roswell crash. Three low-level government employees, tasked with monitoring superheroes, realize that one person was at all three events: the Green Lantern. He hasn't been seen since… It's 1947, and Alan Scott is part of a new breed of humans endowed with the power of gods. But he still has to work a day job, protect his personal secrets from the public, and hide his civilian identity from the government agency formed to monitor superhero activity. When he finds himself at the sites of three UFO incursions—the famous "men in black" and flying saucer sightings, and the Roswell crash—he realizes that he could lose everything. Now, as Green Lantern, imprisoned and alone on an alien planet, used as a conduit to harvest the power of the green flame, he may have to rely on three low-level government functionaries—whose job it is to spy on him—to help him put a stop to an alien genocide and hold the government accountable for hostile actions…and trust them to keep his deepest secrets secret. Scott Bryan Wilson ( Pennyworth , Batman: Gotham Nights ) and Skylar Patridge ( Wonder Woman ) make you question everything in this high-octane, conspiracy theory-drenched tale of power and patriotism at a pivotal time in American history.

Conner Kent Wins DC Comics' Round Robin For 2022

Captain Carrot & His Best Friend Darkseid
The interdimensional space epic no one asked for! DARKSEID is trying to eliminate the newest New God, but the EXTREMELY FUR-IOUS (yes, we hate us too) ZOO CREW is determined to reach their long-foretold CAPTAIN CARROT first…before FRIENDSHIP ruins everything!

Cyborg: Cyber Gods
Cyborg has grown so powerful he no longer needs to leave his cold metal lair. He fights the good fight, but only virtually, with Cyborg replicas. When the super-villain Gizmo and Klarion the Witch Boy mix magic and tech, they become powerful technomancers. Cyborg is joined by Beast Boy, who tries to remind him of his true power: his human spirit. Cyborg must reconnect with his human side and face the world, or Gizmo will become an omnipotent, unchallenged cyber-god and Klarion will get what he's always wanted: chaos and destruction.

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