Cosmo #2 Review: A Charming and Energetic Comic for Kids

The crew has been split up by the monsters on Earth's moon, and they're going to have to reunite in order to survive. Cosmo, Max, Oog, and Astra are on the ship, and Medulla, Orbi, and Jojo are in the middle of the park.

If they survive long enough, they may just discover where these monsters came from.

Cosmo #2 cover by Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms
Cosmo #2 cover by Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms

Cosmo is a comic primarily aimed at children. That's worth mentioning before we move onto the review proper. There are shortcomings in its narrative that I am willing to overlook given that it is intended for people roughly half my age.

With that in mind, it's actually a really fun read. There's a lot of action and humor, and the comic is bounding with imagery. The interactions between Cosmo, the de facto hero, and Max, who wishes he was the de facto hero, are especially entertaining. Cosmo is the one with a firm grasp on just about every situation, and Max only thinks he does.

Astra and Medulla are great characters, too. Astra is a slightly nutty woman of action who enjoys dangerous situations more than your average person would. Medulla is a scientist who can't help but enjoy an opportunity to experience and study something new. As such, she ignores the dangerous situations around her so long as she can study whatever is trying to kill her.

Cosmo #2 art by Tracey Yardley and Matt Herms
Cosmo #2 art by Tracey Yardley and Matt Herms

The art works for its target audience. It very much looks like a sci-fi kids' cartoon. Tracy Yardley does a good job with expressions and bringing a lot of energy to the visuals. Plus, Matt Herms's color work is a unique palette focusing on blues and purples. Both artists' styles coincide very well, and the overall comic looks great.

Cosmo is a fun and high-energy read well suited for its young target audience. It has a lot of charm, it's funny, and it doesn't feel particularly dumbed down. The art is solid to boot, and I can recommend this to anyone looking for a good comic for their child. Feel free to buy it for them.

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