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This is only the first day the kids of Great Britain have had off from school September seems a very long way away They were up at 7am, determined to get their planned school work for the day done by 1pm But then what? Well, at Casa Johnston we have been watching Upstart Crow in[...]
Library of Congress Honors 50 Years (50! Ah-Ah-Aaaaahhhhh!) of 'Sesame Street'
Hooper passed away to Grover teaching kids about "near" and "far" – while nearly exhausting himself in the process (and here's a look at Grover giving that skit a 2019 upgrade): can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sesame Street: Grover Shows Near and Far in VR 180 Video! ( We're honored that Sesame Workshop has[...]
New Nickelodeon Line-Up Includes 'All That' Reboot, 'SpongeBob' Spinoffs… and John Cena?
Nickelodeon announced its sweeping programming slate on Thursday, which can best be described as having a little bit of something for everyone: something old (All That, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader), something new (Ryan's Mystery Playdate), something borrowed (SpongeBob Squarepants spinoffs), something Blue's Clues – and a whole lot more in-between. Here's a look[...]
The Parenting Alicorn: 6 Kids' Shows You'll Like Too! Doctor Who, She-Ra, Teen Titans
Winter brings frigid temperatures, early sunsets, and long breaks from school for the kids I love to spend those cold winter evenings curled up on the couch with my little geeks watching television and drinking hot chocolate However, watching kids shows can be like slow, repetitive, grating water torture – except with singing and dancing[...]
Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie Share Their Backstory 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Style
So pick up your banana and take their call: they're coming for your throne — and Rubber Duckie's ridin' shotgun! Possibly as a response to adults spending way too much time projecting their own interpretations, insecurities, and issues onto two Muppets whose only "ulterior motive" is to make your kids into better human beings, Sesame Street treated us to[...]
Let's Talk About MasterChef Season 14, Episode 1
The cooking competition series also happens in a grown-up version, hence the 'season 14' in the title, which is how DirectTV subscribers will see the series numbered (like me). Ok, that cleared up- FOX really loves Gordon Ramsay, as this is the fourth show the chef hosts on the network.  Junior is by far the most enjoyable of these[...]
Cosmo #2 cover by Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms
It very much looks like a sci-fi kids' cartoon Tracy Yardley does a good job with expressions and bringing a lot of energy to the visuals Plus, Matt Herms's color work is a unique palette focusing on blues and purples Both artists' styles coincide very well, and the overall comic looks great. Cosmo is a fun and[...]
katie cook at nycc 2017
Bleeding Cool contributor Rich Epstein was at NYCC 2017 checking out the annual Katie Cook event: New York Comic Con isn't just for adults — there's plenty for kids to do, as well One of the more fun events every year is Katie Cook hosting a how-to session teaching youngsters how to draw some of their[...]
Cosplaying Kids At SDCC '15 Really Watch The Most Inappropriate Films & TV (VIDEO)
There are a lot more kids watching Mad Max: Fury Road and the Walking Dead TV show than I was previously aware of, exhibiting detailed knowledge of death, murder and zombie killing… well, I suppose it is San Diego Comic Con. Thanks to Kendra Pettis for being brave enough to face the little horrors. [youtube][/youtube] And make sure you[...]
Hand Out Comics, Not Candy, Tonight
We always have a gaggle of kids at 8 Robin Hood Lane in Kingston Vale, London, every Hallowe'en Why? Because a few years ago I decided to give out comics books instead of comics, sweets and candy at Hallowe'en Aiming to rot brains rather than teeth. And while the kids know they can get sweets[...]
IDW's Sampler For Kids This Autumn – While Rocket And Figment Get More Printings
IDW are making a Bqck To School Kids Edition sampler of their published  Skylanders, Angry Birds, My Little Pony and Cartoon Network comics. And then throwing in sneak peeks of TMNT/Ghostbusters and Edward Scissorhands while they're at it Ask your comic store owner if he or she will be getting any in. And some Prints Charming news for your Marvel all ages titles:[...]