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Killing Eve: Laura Neal Developing "Grounded Superhero Comedy" Series
Fellow guest Barry Humphries delighted in the gratuitous violence in the show and suggested that all children should watch the show as early as possible. But what else is to come for Neal? When asked, she was rather reticent but told Anderson that she has a UK-based project which she describes as "a grounded superhero comedy with[...]
Critics Choice Super Awards
The inaugural event will honor those who work within several industries with superhero, science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, and animated movies and series, according to the press release The ceremony will be broadcast on The CW Network on Sunday, January 10, 2021, at 8 p.m ET "The time has come to recognize the brilliance, creativity,[...]
Marvel Launches New Politically Correct Woke Superhero Comic to Insult Long-Time Readers
Marvel Comics have again insulted all comic book fans everywhere by announcing a new superhero team full of politically correct, woke, so-called diverse characters And yes, all sane individuals have been calling for Marvel to stop gender-flipping, race-flipping, orientation-flipping their characters and create new ones, but now we have all changed our minds and are[...]
SCOOP: New Marvel British Superhero Team Comic Launches In Empyre
And naturally, for a British superhero team, they will debut in the new Marvel event comic, Empyre The sun never sets  – I mean it's right there in this artwork ripped from an upcoming presentation which really looks like RB Silva's work Hey, we did it to DC yesterday, we're doing it to Marvel today[...]
Is This the End of Marvel and DC's Defense Of The 'Superhero' Trademark?
For over fifty years, Marvel and DC Comics have co-owned the trademark for the word 'SUPERHERO' and have challenged any other firm or individual trying to partially trademark the term for their own purposes In 2009, the term "Super Heroes" was registered as a typography-independent "descriptive" US trademark co-owned by DC and Marvel With both[...]
may be set to shuffle off the network's programming coil after its upcoming seventh season, the network is looking to stay in the Marvel Television superhero business a little while longer According to a report from Deadline Hollywood, the broadcaster is in "active talks" for a new Marvel series – one that would focus on[...]
"Paradox Girl": For the Girl Who is Everything
Paradox Girl is a superheroine whose power is time travel She has done it so many times in her own timeline that she doesn't even have a beginning or end any more There are so many of her past and future selves littered about that they're tripping over each other She causes as much trouble[...]
James Gunn's 'Brightburn' Asks: What if Clark Kent Grew Up Evil? [Review]
Nobody dies cleanly or quickly – there's a lot of slow determination, and even slower bleeding out deaths. Sure, we've seen what we would have taken as a good superhero go evil before, via kryptonite, radiation, or mind control Here this isn't because they're being controlled, it's because they have basically unlimited power, and are a[...]
In April, 'One-Punch Man' Heads to Hulu for Season 2… If He Feels Like It [VIDEO]
Alongside Genos, his faithful disciple, Saitama begins his official hero duties as a member of the Hero Association, while Garou, a man utterly fascinated by monsters, makes his appearance. One-Punch Man follows the misadventures of Saitama, a former salary man who decided to train to become a superhero but has become so powerful that he's bored[...]