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Black Lightning Creator Tony Isabella Not a Fan of New Batman and the Outsiders Series

Bryan Hill Responds to Tony Isabella Trashing Batman and the Outsiders

Earlier this week, Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella took to Twitter to share some very unflattering comments about Batman and the Outsiders, the new series from Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy It seems that Isabella doesn't feel that Black Lightning is acting in character in the new series In particular, he doesn't feel that Black[...]

Did Bryan Hill Just Announce His Retirement from Comics?

Bryan Hill is still in the process of conquering comic books, coming off a run on Detective Comics to a (delayed) Batman and the Outsiders series at DC, writing Killmonger for Marvel, and of course writing American Carnage at Vertigo and more Postal at Top Cow And he does have what he calls a "SPECIAL"[...]

Batman: Detective Comics #986 cover by Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas

Batman: Detective Comics #986 Review – Orphan Steals the Show

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Batman readies for his assault on Karma's hideout, and Black Lightning has just discovered that Orphan has left the penthouse with Batgirl's blessing. Batman arrives at the hideout just behind Orphan and tells her to take care of the hostages while he faces down Karma. Black Lightning is on his way to help […]

Aphrodite V #1 cover by Jeff Spokes

Aphrodite V #1 Review: What Level of Irony Are We On?

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Martin Carver, a tech billionaire, is trying to use a terrorist attack to sell the idea of a privatized police force to the mayor of Los Angeles. The mayor isn't willing to acquiesce, and Carver and his bodyguard, Hui-Men, leave. On the way to the car, a large armored assassin tries to kill […]

Batman: Detective Comics #985 cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferrieria, and Adriano Lucas

Detective Comics #985 Review: Macabre but Thin

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Batman is digging into his memory in the hopes of determining the identity of Karma, and he stumbles upon an instance in Markovia which may be Karma's origin. Meanwhile, Orphan, Signal, and Batgirl are getting antsy waiting in Bruce's Gotham penthouse under the supervision of Black Lightning. In the heart of the city, […]

Batman: Detective Comics #984 cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferrieira, and Adriano Lucas

Detective Comics #984 Review: Another Great Issue for the Gotham Team

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The man calling himself Karma attacks Orphan in the streets of Gotham. His helmet gives him the ability to read her thoughts, and he antagonizes her role in the Batman family. Black Lightning arrives in Gotham, and he immediately goes out to save Orphan from Karma. Batman arrives soon after, but even this […]

Batman: Detective Comics #983 cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas

Detective Comics #983 Review – Come Outside for a Spell

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Signal, aka Duke Thomas, is caught in an explosion while trying to save a self-proclaimed "Batman fan." He survives, but he is badly wounded. Batman decides that he needs a team to work outside the Justice League and using his methods. His first recruit is Black Lightning, who works out of Metropolis […]

Top Cow Launches Aphrodite V by Bryan Hill and Jeff Spokes in July

Top Cow and Image Comics are launching an Aphrodite V series this Summer, from writer Bryan Hill and artist Jeff Spokes Hitting stores in July, Aphrodite V offers a simple and universal premise: "One machine wants to destroy the city Another has come to save it Only one will survive." And according to Hill, the[...]

Cyber Force #1 cover by Marc Silvestri

Cyber Force #1 Review: A Revival with No Fresh Life

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A mysterious armored figure perpetrates a terrorist attack, killing countless numbers of people but leaving a man named Stryker alive. A mysterious organization gets permission from Stryker's daughter, Caren, to use cybernetic enhancements to save and improve her father. All the while, the terrorist continues to perpetrate attacks against technological centers while claiming […]

Cyber Force

Marc Silvestri's Cyber Force Returns in March from Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill, and Atilio Rojo

Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill will write the new series with artist Atilio Rojo for this latest relaunch Creator Marc Silvestri will "oversee" the project For more on this, let's hear from the creative team.“I’ve always loved Cyber Force,” said Hawkins in the press release “These heroes are more technologically based, and we’re very close to transhumanism[...]


Bryan Hill And Rhoald Marcellius's 'Bonehead' Coming From Image In December

This December, Image will release a new comic series from creators Bryan Hill and Rhoald Marcellius called Bonehead Set in a future where a vast megalopolis sees itself the playground of parkour-practising gangs, a mysterious new practitioner of the art of free running is set to be the potential saviour of the city itself.It will[...]

Wildstorm Universe Expands With Michael Cray Solo Book, Teasing A DCU Crossover

Written by Bryan Hill (with "contributions" by Ellis) and drawn by N Steven Harris and Dexter Vines, the solicit (and DC's press release) hints at a DCU crossover with a mention of Oliver Queen: Warren Ellis’ critically acclaimed relaunch of WildStorm gets its first solo spinoff series! Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International[...]

Golgotha – A Sci-Fi Epic From Top Cow Hits Kickstarter

The new project comes from Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill, Yuki Saeki and Bryan Valenza The book comes with a cover by comic legend Joe Jusko.The colony has secrets and sins, and both a group of the past and the citizens of the future will atone for the flaws of humanity as the truth of what lies on this world promises to[...]

"Our World Isn't Free" – Bryan Hill Talks Romulus

This is the second time I've gotten a chance to interview Bryan Hill, writer and editor at Top Cow The previous time is when he took over the full writing chores on Postal Hill is a writer's writer He has a great understanding of the craft and every decision he makes seems to have a[...]

Eden's Fall Is Coming – Read Postal #1 For Free

We ran Think Tank #1 yesterday, today we have Postal #1 from Hawkins, Bryan Hill and Isaac Goodhart.So what is Postal? Here is the synopsis for the trade: Eden, Wyoming, a place founded by criminals for criminals A place where, despite its inhabitants, no crime is allowed Local postman Mark Shiffron has Asperger’s, and through his peculiar eyes we see[...]

The Bad We Do In The Name Of Good – Postal #12 Preview

Mark takes a decidedly dark turn to save his mother and his town in Postal #12 from Top Cow. We have a preview of the issue written Bryan Edward Hill and drawn by Isaac Goodhart. Postal #12 Written by Bryan Edward Hill  Art by Isaac Goodhart  Covers by Linda Sejic and Isaac Goodhart In order […]