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Cyber Force #1 cover by Marc Silvestri
He's not happy about it, either. Cyber Force #1 cover by Marc Silvestri Cyber Force #1 sits at that intersection between Robocop, the Six Million Dollar Man, DC Comics' Cyborg Stryker is now a cyborg, he's not sure how in control of his body he is anymore, and he thinks his body is no longer his own. What's[...]
Marc Silvestri's Cyber Force Returns For Free With LINE Webtoon
And it is now the home for the last two trade paperback collections of Cyber Force, recently revived by Image studio Top Cow on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign. The comics have been reformatted for LINE Webtoon proprietary platforms and new chapters are available to read, free, starting today, from Monday to Thursday. And come later[...]
Witchblade #182 And Three Trades In Shops This Week From Top Cow
Big week for Top Cow in comics shops as Witchblade #182 comes out along with three trades: Sunstone Vol 2, The Witchblade Born Again Vol 2 and Cyber Force Rebirth Vol 2… that's a lot of second volumes there Here we have a preview of Witchblade #182 and the covers for the three trades. Witchblade #182 Written[...]
Top Cow Teases – Cyber Force And Aphrodite IX
First up is Cyber Force #8 due out 1/29/2014 by Marc Silvestri and Marco Turini The we have Aphrodite IX #8 by Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic due out 2/5/2014.   Top Cow has sent us some teaser for two of their upcoming releases First up is[...]
Looking For A Gift For That Original Art Collector Or Marc Silvestri Fan?
With the holidays approaching, there are just some people on our list that are difficult to buy for… if you have one of those who happens to love original comic book art… and your pockets are pretty deep… then this might be the thing for you. Marc Silvestri, co-founder of Image Comics, founder of Top Cow,[...]
Free Cyber Force #1 Arrives Today
  Twenty years after their initial debut, Marc Silverstri's Cyber Force relaunches today for free Using Kickstarter, Top Cow raised over $100,000 to create, print, and give away the first five issues of the new series Co-written by Silvestri and Matt Hawkins and penciled by Khoi Pham, this series does not pick up from previous Cyber[...]
Marc Silvestri Interview on Cyber Force
I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Top Cow chief and artist extraordinaire, Marc Silvestri, about the new Cyber Force series kicking off this year… completely free for the first five full-size issues Here's his video of the Kickstarter program alongside Matt Hawkins, Top Cow President and co-writer on the new series[...]
The Missing Cyber Force Information That Enraged Retailers (UPDATE)
As we reported previously, a bunch of retailers have expressed concern over the free Cyber Force relaunch, funded by Kickstarter and intended to be given away both digitally and in print – with the print version getting two extra pages by Marc Silvestri. And retailers have been concerned. Tonight, it seems the penny dropped as to why[...]
Cyber Force Kickstarter Is A Go
The funding of a Cyber Force relaunch, one of the original Image Comics from twenty years ago Five issues of which will be distributed for free across American comic stores in print, and free in digital Kickstarter funders however will be able to get an exclusive hardcover version and exclusive variant versions As Bleeding Cool[...]
Marc Silvestri To Add To The Free Print Cyber Force Relaunch
I learned a few things I could use… and a few I couldn't. One thing I learned was in the Kickstarter-funded free Cyber Force comic, there will be a two page story drawn by Marc Silvestri not available in the free digital version And that the digital version will also be uploaded to torrent and download[...]
Retailers Respond To Cyber Force Free Kickstarter
He's awesome. A special retailer event today had Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins from Top Cow hold an open and frank discussion with a gathering of some of the most prominent retailers to discuss their plans for Cyber Force As you may already know, there's going to be a Kickstarter to raise funds to release a[...]
Top Cow Brings Back Cyber Force With Kickstarter – For Free
Now Cyber Force returning from Image… via the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. This is the highest profile American comics industry project to be funded by crowdsourcing though, as Bleeding Cool has pointed out, the largest French comics publisher has taken it to its bosom to fund more esoteric projects Cyber Force doesn't really fit thatbrief however, it[...]