DC Doubles Comics on DC Universe App

DC Comics is finally improving the selection of comics on its DC Universe app! What's that? No, they're still not making their entire digital library available to put the service on par with the far more valuable Marvel Unlimited, but they are making a few more comics available. More than twice as many as previously, in fact.

A press release reveals more details:

DC UNIVERSE announced today the first major expansion of its library of comic books since the launch of the digital subscription service in September 2018. All subscribers now have access to thousands of new titles curated from the decades of rich storytelling of iconic superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, that make up the DC library.

The new selection will include titles that fans have asked for along with a significant increase in the number of full story arcs and complete series runs. The overall volume of choices will more than double by the end of March and builds on the list of long-time fan favorites, including thousands of select DC single issues representing legendary story arcs from 80s classics to the New 52, DC Rebirth and beyond.

Sam Ades, Senior Vice President and General Manager of DC Digital Services and first-round layoffs survivor, had the following to say:

When launching DC UNIVERSE we knew the comic reader was an area that we wanted to expand and provide more choice. Fans want a place to discover new titles and the opportunity to enjoy full arcs of iconic and notable storylines from start to finish. We are listening to fans and responding with an expanded comic book offering that improves the overall DC UNIVERSE experience.

New titles will be released weekly, with the following available now:

Action Comics (2016)
Batman (2011)
Batman Incorporated
Batman: The War of Jokes & Riddles
Gotham Central
Harley Quinn (2000, 2013)
Justice League: Darkseid War
The Omega Men
Static Shock
Swamp Thing (Alan Moore's Arc)
Superman: For All Seasons
Wonder Woman

And these slated for future weeks:

Animal Man (Grant Morrison's Arc)
Aquaman (2016)
Batgirl (2009)
Batman: Hush
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
Batman: Year One
Forever Evil
JSA (1999)
Midnighter & Apollo
Superman: Secret Origin
The Wild Storm

Check out the trailer below.


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