Death or Glory #2 Review: Remender and Bengal Continue to Impress

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Glory sends the semi-trailer full of people on a bus to Phoenix, but one man named Pablo stays behind. He wants Glory's help in finding his family, who were on a different semi-truck. We also meet Korean Joe and learn of his business with Glory's ex-husband, Toby.

Death or Glory #2 cover by Bengal
Death or Glory #2 cover by Bengal

Death or Glory #2 is a far slower issue than the first. The initial comic was, in part, a head-banging heist adventure. The second installment is the hangover and dealing with consequences.

It's a heavier issue; that makes sense considering we just witnessed a cargo of human-trafficking victims. We are introduced to Pablo for a sizable portion of the book, and he proves to be a compelling character and a good foil to Glory.

Glory herself is still a highlight of the comic. The mixture of terminally bad attitude, recklessness, and deep-buried sympathy for the struggling of others makes her a great lead.

Korean Joe is a frightening villain and will certainly make for a good adversary in the issues ahead. There is a bizarre scene involving the two police officers bought out by Toby that will probably get some mixed reactions from readers. I'm not sure what the scene was trying to go for. If it was shooting for morbid, then it does that well but doesn't make its underlying point clear. If it was going for laughs, then the presentation was mishandled.

Bengal's artwork continues to be beautiful. The world he crafts is well-detailed, has a gorgeous visual design, and is saturated in bright and contrasting colors to give it that extra kick of life. The heavier scenes, especially those with Korean Joe, are effectively unnerving and use smaller details to further flesh out its ideas.

Death or Glory #2 doesn't have me as ecstatic as the initial installment, but it is still a great comic. The pacing is solid, the characters are interesting, and I'm left eager to read the next issue. On top of that, Bengal's artwork is still phenomenal. This one earns another recommendation. Give it a read.

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