Deleted Pokémon GO Promises – The Daily LITG, 17th January 2021

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Daily LITG: Deleted Pokémon GO Promises and the ten most-read stories yesterday…

Deleted Pokémon GO Promises - The Daily LITG, 17th January 2021
Pokémon GO logo, Niantic

The world keeps turning, and America keeps burning. And Dave Bautista knows just what manatees need his help.

  1. Niantic Posts & Deletes Promise To Improve Pokémon GO Community Day
  2. Dave Bautista Offers $20K Bounty for "MAGATs" Who Defaced a Manatee.
  3. Law & Order: SVU: Benson & Stabler Are Back- And A Little Bit Closer
  4. Walker Star Jared Padalecki Says Jensen Ackles Will Be On The Show
  5. CW Update: Riverdale Spinoff, Arrow S09, Lost Boys, Swamp Thing, More
  6. Funny Garfield Strip Art Up For Auction At Heritage Auctions
  7. Patrick Gleason Sells Out Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover
  8. Riverdale: Cole Sprouse Offers S05 Prod Update; New Previews & More
  9. The Wheel of Time Preview Honors "The Eye of the World" Anniversary
  10. Ray Fisher Shares Part of a Call from the Justice League Investigation

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case you fancied more LITG about comic books.

  1. Alex Ross' Astro City Poster Pencils Up For Auction, Only $360 So Far
  2. Buy Yanick Paquette, Humberto Ramos, Leinil Yu Original Art For Cheap
  3. The Fearless Science Fiction Amazing Stories Art of Robert Fuqua
  4. Wilson Fisk Owns The Copyright To The Thunderbolts?
  5. First DC Infinite Frontier #0 Preview
  6. DC Graphic Novels & Marvel Figurines From Hero Collector April 2021
  7. DC and Marvel Offer Retailer Exclusive Covers For February To April
  8. Hermes Press to Publish Complete DC Comics' The Phantom

LITG One year ago, Flash Met Flash ahead of Snyder Cut news

And X Of Swords was on the way.

  1. Hal Jordan to Get a Brand New Green Lantern Lantern in Season 2
  2. Gundam Exia Figure is Releasing Soon from Bandai
  3. More A4: Empyre with a Y Covers Reveal X-Men Tie-in, Wolverine and Spidey in Fantastic Four
  4. "Psych 2: Lassie Come Home": Shawn & Gus Are On the Case [IMAGE]
  5. Chris Claremont Joins Dawn of X, Reunites with Brent Anderson for God Loves, Man Kills Extended Edition
  6. DC Announces Catwoman 80th-Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 with All-Star Lineup for $9.99
  7. 'Everything Happened' – Including the Proposal to Barbara Gordon – as Nightwing #68 Gets Closer to Dick Grayson
  8. Marvel Editors Confirm "Big X-Men Crossover," More X-Books, and New Class of X-kids for 2020
  9. "Umbrella Academy" Spaceboy Gets a New Statue from Dark Horse
  10. LATE: Doom Patrol, Inferior Five and More

Two years ago, Superboy was 17 years old.

And Sylvester Stallone was pushing Last Blood.

  1. Lagertha has Been Through Hell [Again] in New 'Vikings' s5e18 Photos
  2. Could Destiny 3 Go Full MMO Now Bungie is Free of Activision?
  3. When Salvador Larroca Trash Talks His Colourists…
  4. Black Adam Rips Apart Stars And Stripes in New Doomsday Clock Cover
  5. What All Angela Fans Have Been Waiting For – Asgardians Of The Galaxy #5 (Spoilers)

And the 101 most-read stories of 2020 right here.

LITG: Comic book industry birthdays.

There may still not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

Deleted Pokémon GO Promises – The Daily LITG, 17th January 2021
By Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0
  • Tom Brevoort, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Executive Editor
  • Ann Nocenti, writer on Marvel Comics Presents, Seeds, co-creator of Typhoid Mary, Blackheart, Longshot, Mojo, and Spiral.
  • Dale Lazarov, a graphic novelist
  • Tony Bedard, co-creator of Negation and Retro Rocket, writer on Exiles, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern.
  • D.J. Coffman, creator of Hero By Night
  • Renaldo Matadeen, comics journalist
  • Preston Lindsay, comics colourist
  • Rachelle Atkinson, comics colourist
  • Joan Mosher, Manager/Owner at Morning Star Comics and Games
  • Francis Portela, comic inker on Legion, Black Panther, Batman, Trinity Of Sin.
  • Lashawn Colvin, creator of Beautiful Soldiers comic

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