Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom!

Sorry, we didn't mean to imply that the comic had exploded.

Over at WonderCon, all sorts of shady backroom deals are taking place that expose the dark underbelly of the comics news industry. For example, one publisher, BOOM! Studios, plans to announce at the show that Derek Laufman is bringing his RuinWorld series to their Kaboom imprint, but they've decided to leak the announcement to Hulk sex emporium CBR via an EXCLUSSSIVE interview with Laufman and BOOM! editor Whitney Leopard (not a real leopard). Leopard compares RuinWorld to Adventure Time and Avatar the Last Airbender.

In an effort to restore balance to comics "journalism," we've copied all of the EXCLUSSSIVE artwork as well as this quote from Laufman explaining the premise:

The series starts with two of our main characters, Pogo and Rex, who are arguing over who's turn it is to search an old abandoned Keep. Rex is a veteran in the art of "Ruin Hunting," while Pogo is a farmboy who is tagging along to learn the ropes, hoping to following in the footsteps of his adventuring grandfather. When Pogo discovers a map that they think belongs to a legendary pirate, the two of them embark on a journey to find one of the most famed stashes of artifacts in all of RuinWorld.

Unfortunately for them, their map isn't kept secret for long and they will need to acquire the help of old friends and new acquaintances along their journey if they have any hope of reaching the famed treasure.

Read the full interview here.

Ruinworld #1 Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom! Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom! Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom! Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom!

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