Diamond Ships Dynamite Books A Week Early

Originally scheduled to be released January 6th, Dynamite's eight books will now hit stores tomorrow, December 30th instead. Five new comics and three trades will be on the shelves and we have previews for the following: A Train Called Love #4, Bob's Burgers #7, James Bond #3, Seduction of the Innocent #2 and Vampirella / Aliens #5.

A Train Called Love #4
writer: Garth Ennis artist: Mark Dos Santos cover: Russ Braun

Revelations abound as Marcy and Penny check out the local rock scene, Call-Me-Dave discovers Huck Yeager's true intentions, and Myles and Valerie's surveillance turns up something rather unexpected. Meanwhile, Marv, Mike, Chip and Jev get in over their heads with Mr. Monsta – whose surprising preoccupation with taxidermy sets alarm bells ringing. It's Part Four of the greatest love story since God met the Virgin Mary, by Garth Ennis and Mark Dos Santos!

Layout 1 Layout 1Layout 1Layout 1Layout 1TrainLove04-Cov-A-Braun

Bob's Burgers Ongoing #7
writers: Loren Bouchard, Jeff Drake, Mark Von der Heide artists: Anthony Aguinaldo, Tom Connor, Krystal Fleming, Frank Forte, Hector Reynoso covers: Ryan Mattos (a), Anthony Aguinaldo (b)

In issue #7 of the Bob's Burgers ongoing comic book series, the Belcher family has fried up a fresh batch of stories! Louise's pest control pursuit comes to a close; Bob is ready to leave the station with his food truck train; Gene gives the cold shoulder to getting older in Peter Pants; Jimmy Pesto sees an advertising opportunity in Linda's family picture; and we re-join the tale of woe with Jimmy Juliet and Tineo. Bob's Burgers is the Emmy Award-winning animated sitcom that airs on Fox television with other hits such as The Simpsons and Family Guy!

BobsV2-07-Cov-A-Mattos BobsV2-07-Cov-B-Aguinaldo Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1

James Bond #3
writer: Warren Ellis artist: Jason Masters cover: Dom Reardon incentive cover: Gabriel Hardman

Bond is on his way to break up a small, agile drug-trafficking operation in Berlin. The truth about what he's walking into is bigger, scarier and much more lethal. Berlin is about to catch fire, and James Bond is trapped inside. Dynamite Entertainment proudly continues the "VARGR" storyline, the debut chapter of the ongoing James Bond saga as written by industry legend Warren Ellis and illustrated by Jason Masters!

Bond003 1 Bond003 2 Bond003 3 Bond003 4 Bond003 5 JamesBond03-Cov-A-Reardon

Seduction of the Innocent #2
writer: Ande Parks artist: Esteve Polls cover: Francesco Francavilla

San Francisco, 1953. F.B.I. Agent Thomas Jennings has been in town all of forty-eight hours. He's been stabbed, chased, and betrayed, witnessing more horrors than he ever could have imagined. Now, in a desperate race to find two abandoned children in the vast jungle of the city, Jennings struggles to hold onto his own humanity, his own… innocence. Tough, relentless crime storytelling in the tradition of Jim Thompson and James Ellroy, from the team that brought you The Death of Zorro and The Lone Ranger.

Seduction02 1 Seduction02 2 Seduction02 3 Seduction02 4 Seduction02 5 Seduction02-Cov-A-Francavilla

Vampirella / Aliens #5
writer: Corinna Bechko artist: Javier García-Miranda cover: Gabriel Hardman

The death toll mounts, and the fate of the Xenomorph that hatched from within Vampirella stands revealed! Meanwhile, the Martian Base pays the price for its mistrust of Vampirella as she and Lars deal with a horrifying threat that predates human history.

Layout 1Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 AliensVampi05-Cov-A-Hardman


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