Did Marvel Comics Change 'Homer' To 'Ulysses' After Civil War II Spoilers Broke?

71c0fc2a-96ca-4e11-96ad-e94b6bc61d11_800A few months ago, Bleeding Cool posted what purported to be spoilers from the first issue of the upcoming Civil War II comic. We though they were entertaining, thoroughly thought through fanfic. But then aspects from them seemed to start being reflected in the promotion for the big Marvel event and it was looking likelier and likelier – including the character deaths.

One of the less spoilery aspects we mentioned was that the Inhuman character who could see the future, at the centre of the story, was called Homer. The original poster found this hilarious, maybe not realising the Greek origins of the name.


A press call is currently underway between Marvel Comics and approved media partners (Bleeding Cool has not been invited). During which it has been announced that the individual is called Ulysses.

Worth mentioning that Ulysses is the Roman version of the Greek name Odysseus. And Homer wrote The Odyssey.

But is a name the only thing that has changed?

Bendis says Ulysses is a young man who's forced to grow up very quickly. This ability and becoming an Inhuman completely derails his life.

He goes from "holy crap, that's Iron Man" to "holy crap, that's Iron Man coming at me."

This sets the stage for the Inhumans going forward, which is just one of the ways it's very different from the original Civil War.

You'll get Ulysses' origins in Civil War II #0 and #1

One of the big inciting incidents in this story happens in the Free Comic Book Day issue. It sets up who the big players are in this story.

Well we now think we know what one of those is… or what it was.


Issue #2 will have a set piece with Iron Man and the Inhumans at great odds that will have surprising results in both the main title and the tie-ins immediately. Charles Soule's Uncanny Inhumans issue is one of Bendis' favorite tie-ins, because it's a story he'd never think to write if not for the events of Civil War II #2


Issue #3, something very unique happens to the Hulk

Brevoort guesses that around 80-90% of the tie-ins will happen within the actual series themselves. Only a few will have separate limited series, such as Amazing Spider-Man

There's also a dedicated Civil War II: X-Men series as well, which is actually the first time all the current various x-teams will be in one place at the same time

If the Inhumans and the Terrigen Mists pose a danger to mutants, having an Inhuman who has the power to see the future is kind of like them possessing a weapon of mass destruction to the X-Men's eyes, and they have to figure out what to do about that.


Characters like Miles and Khamala have never faced something like this, and they're forced to make hard choices. The effects of Civil War II will be felt with Miles for years to come.

At the end of Civil War with the Confession one-shot, Iron Man felt the war wasn't worth it. He isn't running into this conflict without thinking about it very deeply. He's desperate to stave off the conflict, but certain things happen that make it impossible to not go down that road.

In the first Civil War, Hulk wasn't around. Will he choose a side in this one, or cut across it in a rampage? And what role does She-Hulk play? Bendis says it's all spoilers. All he can say is it's an interesting time for the Hulk.


Question about the similarities between this and Minority Report–Bendis says this is not Minority Report. Bendis did think a lot about Minority Report, and really wanted to make sure this was very different and had something very different to say


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