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Does Doctor Strange Now Know About One More Day? (Spoilers)

During the events of One More Day, Peter Parker sought help from Doctor Strange when his Aunt May was dying. Strange told Peter that he could do nothing to grant Aunt May her life back but helped Peter seek the aid of several others including Doctor Doom, the High Evolutionary, Reed Richards, and Doctor Octopus. Peter attempted to go back in time using a magic spell without Strange's approval, harming himself in the process, but Strange healed his wounds and sent him on his way, encouraging him to be by his aunt's side at her death.

At which point Mephisto stepped in, who took in payment for saving Aunt May's life, Peter's marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Peter Parker agrees. Mephisto then changes history so that Peter and Mary Jane never married, no one remembers whose face is underneath Spider-Man's mask, nad Harry Osborn was no longer dead. Years later, a sequel written by Quesada, One Moment in Time established May was saved by Doctor Strange and who also worked with Iron Man and Mister Fantastic to create a mass mind-wipe across the globe to protect Peter's identity. But at no point was he made aware that these changes were as a result of Mephisto.

Does Doctor Strange Now Now About One More Day?

In today's Amazing Spider-Man #51, that may be changing. As Spider-Man reaches out to Doctor Strange for help in dealing with Kindred – revealed to be Harry Osborn in one way or another – and trying to get a confession from Spider-Man. And as Doctor Strange tries to help Spider-Man in his battle…

Does Doctor Strange Now Now About One More Day? (Amazing Spider-Man #51 Spoilers)

There's a snag.

Does Doctor Strange Now Now About One More Day? (Amazing Spider-Man #51 Spoilers)

An arrangement… in regard to…. and Doctor Strange off to investigate. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we all know what that arrangement was, even if Peter Parker may not anymore.  Is this where One More Day starts to unravel?

(W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Patrick Gleason
•  "LAST REMAINS" continues as Spider-Man seeks help from Doctor Strange. <SPOILER ALERT> it's not going to be enough.
•  Spider-Man does what many would find unthinkable to take the fight to Kindred.
Rated T+In Shops: Oct 28, 2020 SRP: $3.99

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