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Truth About Kindred, Harry Osborn & Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #73
I am not entirely sure that the final issue will do that, but deleting controversial aspects of Sin's Past, and making more sense of One More Day, while also putting Harry Osborn back in the box might just do a lot of that. Amazing Spider-Man #74 As the Harry Osborn who appeared in Amazing Spider-Man from Brand[...]
Mephisto's Plan For Spider-Man Finally Revealed This Week (Spoilers)
But in a way that speaks to the series' future rather than its past. Kindred has been revealed as artificially-created genetic children of Norman Osborne and Gwen Stacy, used to trick Peter Parker in Sin's Past, created by an artifically-intelligent version of Harry Osborn, which removed them from all the demonic inference of being a version[...]
Kindred's Own Sins Past In Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Spoilers)
Everything you knew was a lie! Everything you knew was wrong! Twists, turns, deep dives into Spider-Man history that necessitated a return to Marvel Unlimited! Welcome to Amazing Spider-Man #73! Amazing Spider-Man #73 Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer has been setting up Kindred as an ultimate foe for Spider-Man, the Harry Osborne who went to hell, and[...]
Interior preview page from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 SINW
Seemingly showing the true reveal of who Kindred is, as teased in the previous Amazing Spider-Man #72  issue Not Harry Osborne at all, but instead it's Gwen Stacy. Interior preview page from JUN210539 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 Okay, it's not that simple But when running the preview yesterday, Jude Terror joked "And this preview offers a shocking reveal:[...]
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Bleeding Cool has doubled down on the theory that Kindred is the original Harry Osborne, the one who died before Mephisto changed everything in One More Day, which brought Harry Osborne back to life, as if he'd never been away And that it was the original Harry who went to Hell and, somehow, courtesy of[...]
Kindred In Amazing Spider-Man
Kindred is a demonic version of Harry Osborn, who has been running around the Spider-Man books for most of Nick Spencer's run on the series Bleeding Cool has from the beginning theorised that this is the Harry Osborn who died before One More Day and went to hell That Mephisto created a replacement Harry Osborn[...]
Spider-Man's Sinister War Closer To One More Day Than Ever (Spoilers)
But, as we saw in recent Amazing Spider-Man issues, Kindred is still involved Kindred is a demonic version of Harry Osborn, and Bleeding Cool has from the beginning theorising that this is the Harry Osborn who died before One More Day and went to hell That Mephisto created a replacement Harry Osborn in Marvel continuity[...]
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Even though we also know Kindred is Harry Osborn. There are suddenly a lot of people being split into two versions of themselves, aren't there? Spider-Man, The Lizard, and Kindred Bleeding Cool's theory from the beginning is that Kindred is the dead Harry Osborn who went to hell and fought his way back, ultimately under the[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Kith, Kin and Kindred The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Kindred Revealed In Amazing Spider-Man #66 (Major Spoilers) The Nineties Are Back Bigger Than Even In Way Of X[...]
Kindred In Amazing Spider-Man #66 (Spoilers)
The Kindred storyline in Amazing Spider-Man took a little bit of a back seat in recent months, in favour of Kingpin's own battle on the streets, using Kindred as a side-project Today's Amazing Spider-Man #66 switches that back again and brings up a few of our old theories With the repented Norman Osborn getting up[...]
Bryan Hitch Not DC-Exclusive, Returns To Marvel With Sinister War
This morning, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel were to launch a new Spider-Man event, Sinister War, with Kindred potentially controlling Sinister Six – and Twelve – members Now Marvel has taken it all official – as well as including a cover by Bryan Hitch, who was previously an exclusive creator to DC Comics Though[...]
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But there are more to come. Amazing Spider-Man #64 As we have Kingpin dealing with the Kindred version of Harry Osborn in a way that his father, Norman Osborn, vehemently objects to. Amazing Spider-Man #64 Hiring Baron Mordo to do the dirty The mystical version of waterboarding. Amazing Spider-Man #64 But what if it's not the Kingpin putting together a new[...]
Amazing Spider-Man
Peter Parker seems to be taking it out on Kindred that everyone guessed that Kindred was somehow Harry Osborn months and months ago, in today's Amazing Spider-Man #54 In a rather physical fashion. Death of Peter Parker in Today's Amazing Spider-Man #54 (Spoilers) But not quite as physical as Kindred gets with Peter Parker, battering him to[...]
Does Doctor Strange Now Now About One More Day?
As Spider-Man reaches out to Doctor Strange for help in dealing with Kindred – revealed to be Harry Osborn in one way or another – and trying to get a confession from Spider-Man And as Doctor Strange tries to help Spider-Man in his battle… There's a snag. An arrangement… in regard to…[...]
When Harry Met Kindred (Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR Spoilers)
And confirming the final-page reveal of Amazing Spider-Man #50, regarding just who Kindred really is. When Harry Met Norman (Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR Spoilers) It remained Bleeding Cool's contention that this is the pre-One More Day version of Harry Osborn, sent to hell when he died after becoming the Green Goblin (again), and that his resurrection for One[...]
Kindred Revealed In Amazing Spider-Man #50 - Were We Right?
Including Kindred, Star Trek and Superboy Prime and so much more  The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Kindred, Star Trek and Superboy Prime LITG: Kindred, Star Trek and Superboy Prime – the ten[...]
The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
Today sees the big reveal of Kindred in Amazing Spider-Man #50 Or at least half of the reveal We know who – just We don't yet know why or how But Bleeding Cool has been making some speculation of late and now it all comes into play There are spoilers ahead Big, whopping spoilers –[...]
Marvel Comics October 2018 Solicitations
But rather than Amazing Spider-Man #50.1 or Amazing Spider-Man #50.5 we'll get Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR – LR standing for Last Remains, the big Spider-Man Vs Kindred battle #51 gets the same, making for four main  Spider-Man comics in October Will this continue into November? Maybe… Apparently Spider-Man is going to do the unthinkable to track down Kindred[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #850 Previews Kindred-Inspired Green Goblin Return
Of late he has been Iron Patriot and the Red Goblin, combined with Carnage, but it seems that with Kindred on the scene, he is returning to his roots. Formerly a human sent to Hell, the entity known as Kindred became a demon and rapidly climbed through the ranks Possessing an intimate familiarity with Peter Parker[...]
What Does the Sin Eater Want With Kindred in Amazing Spider-Man?
So who is Kindred? Still up in the air The horror show creature haunting Peter Parker and his life, getting involved with him, making plans, spying and hating him, in the Amazing Spider-Man series by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley and friends But who is he, she or it? Money says it's something or someone to do[...]
Last Remains, a New Spider-Man Event for 2020?
In January, Marvel is kicking off a new year of Spider-Man comics by teasing the buildup to a major storyline, one that seems likely to center around the demonic villain Kindred who has been skulking around the pages of Amazing Spider-Man for some time now Recent hints to Kindred's identity, particular his personal hatred for[...]
Today's Amazing Spider-Man #31 Narrows the Odds of Kindred's Identity (Spoilers)
Kindred, as seen in recent Amazing Spider-Man comics by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, once upon a time, was a human who died and went to hell He became a demon and climbed the ranks of hell He began torturing Mysterio in hell, and seemed to possess a mutual familiarity with Peter Parker, Spider-Man, referring to him as "Pete"[...]
John Jennings box of bones
Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! John Jennings, artist of the graphic novelization of Octavia Butler's Kindred (done with writer Damian Duffy), took a moment to chat with the Dispatch about the upcoming Box of Bones and to share a bit of Butler news Box of Bones, co-created with Ayize Jama-Everett, is published by Rosarium Publishing.   Cover: Stacey Robinson DD: What[...]