Donny Cates Shuts Down Official Zurich Chapter of Terrifically Legion

We've all heard by now about Terrific Production LLC, the new Youngblood publisher started by Andrew Rev that has been making a big splash with its Twitter antics though it has not yet solicited a single comic book. If you've followed along closely, you know that, in the spirit of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, Terrific Production has formed its own fan club, the Terrifically Legion.

One enterprising chapter of the Terrifically Legion, Terrifically Legion Outpost 87, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has (or had — more on that later) its own Twitter account as well and is (was) constantly tweeting support for Terrific. Like this:

And this:

And this:

But it was this Tweet that raised the hackles of global entertainment superstar, fashion icon, and former Bleeding Cool reporter, The Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates, who has his own Thor comic coming out soon to compete with Terrific Productions LLC's version.

Fanboy Rampage: Donny Cates vs. Terrifically Legion Outpost No. 87

Fanboy Rampage: Donny Cates vs. Terrifically Legion Outpost No. 87

Fanboy Rampage: Donny Cates vs. Terrifically Legion Outpost No. 87

It seemed that Terrifically Legion Outpost 87 was experiencing a crisis of faith. Could Donny Cates be telling the truth? Cates continued…

And it appears that Cates has made a difference. In a series of exchanges that we did not get to screencap, and so will have to fill in the responses from memory, Cates explained the process, causing the Terrifically Legion Outpost 87 to feel embarrassed.

Terrifically Legion Outpost 87 asked Cates to confirm that his was the only Thor comic coming out.

And they agreed to order that one and apologized for upsetting Cates.

And then they deleted their account, a huge blow against Terrific Production LLC, and seriously screwing up the flow of our article.

Thankfully for Terrific Production LLC, the other 86 Terrifically Legion outposts remain in operation as of this time as far as know.

The saga continues…

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