Emma Rios Joins Brandon Graham On Island, Announced At Image Expo


Peter S Svensson at Image Expo tells us,

Brandon Graham comes on stage, asks to borrow money from Stephenson.

8House, announced last Expo. With Marian Churchland, his wife. Series of fantasy comics set in same world, series of miniseries coming out monthly. Marian is doing all work, he does dialog. Emma Rios comes out to join Brandon. She's doing one of the miniseries. Hwei Lim is the artist, Rio is the writer.. Mirror is the title of her mini. Mix of animals and humans, what happens when intelligent animals rebel against humanity.


Island is a magazine of creators doing their own works. It's Heavy Metal not for a teenage boy. Brandon has organized a bunch of creators including Emma Rios, Simon Roy, and a bunch of other creators. Michael DeForge.

A bundle of comics. 20-30 pages stories. Like buying three comics with some articles. "Hopefully it won't be a massive failure." – Brandon Graham.

Get the details on the full Image Expo announcements right here.

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