Fantastic Four #35 Gain A Brand New Family Member (Spoilers)

Today's Fantastic Four #35 is a riotous run around the history of the Fantastic Four, with a variety of Kangs at different points in their life attacking the Baxter Building to steal the same artifact, again and again, killing any Fantastic Four members they can. Concluding with a revelation from one of Reed Richard's own family members…

Fantastic Four Establishes Sacred Timeline For Marvel Comics As Well

Nathaniel Richards, father of Reed Richards, is also the ancestor of Kam The Conqueror and his various other forms, Rama-Tut, Immortus, and Iron Lad. A member of the Brotherhood of the Shield, along with Howard Stark, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, he gained the ability to time travel, leaving his family behind. In parallel dimension, he had another two children, a boy and a girl, the latter who became Huntara. But it seems he didn't just get busy in another dimension and time. He left another bundle of joy behind him as well as Reed Richards…

Fantastic Four #35 Introduces A New Family Member (Spoilers)

Another half-sister for Reed Richards? And one living on Earth? From the brief silhouette, she appears to have armoured shoulder pads of sorts, and her hair is the way that artist John Romita often draws certain black women's hair (see Kick-Ass below), but these are guesses and for any more details, well, that's what future issues are for. But the Fantastic Four Family, which in recent years has seen Valeria arrive, Ben and Alicia marry and adopt two kids, the Future Foundation bring all manner of youngsters to the fore, seems to have got a little bigger today.

Fantastic Four #35 Introduces A New Family Member (Spoilers)
Kick Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr

(W) Dan Slott, Mark Waid (A) John Romita, More (CA) Mark Brooks
A TITANIC 60TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! The entire Kang bloodline is out to destroy every era of the Fantastic Four! How can Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny hope to survive simultaneous attacks across their lifetimes by Rama Tut, the Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror and Kang's final descendant, the sinister Scion?! Join the FF and some special surprise guest stars as John Romita Jr. returns to Marvel and joins forces with writer Dan Slott for this celebratory adventure! Marvel's First Family will literally never be the same again! Plus: Mark Waid and Paul Renaud deliver dramatic new insights into the origin of the fabulous foursome in an all-new anniversary tale! Rated T In Shops: Sep 15, 2021 SRP: $9.99

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