Which Delicious Fast Food Burger Chain Just Inducted Stan Lee To Its Hall Of Fame?

Which Delicious Fast Food Burger Chain Just Inducted Stan Lee To Its Hall Of Fame?

Yeah, that's right, true believers! We put a clickbait headline on an article about Stan Lee being inducted into a burger joint hall of fame. We didn't need to do it. It doesn't serve any real purpose. We did it just because we can. And you know what? Deep down, we both know it made you want to click it.

But now that you're here, there's no need to make you suffer any longer (if you want that, read a Rich Johnston article).

The burger chain was White Castle. Lee joins obvious choices like the stars of "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," John Cho and Kal Penn, as well as weirdly random choices like shock rocker Alice Cooper. Apparently, Lee really dug White Castle's burgers as a kid.

"Stan is the ingenious creator of Spider-Man™, The Incredible Hulk™, X-Men™ and so many others – he has the incomparable power to create legendary superheroes that are favorites in homes around the world!" shouted (apparently) Jamie Richardson, Vice President of White Castle, in a press release. "It turns out, while we grew up on his comics, he grew up on our sliders. The Cravers Hall of Fame was founded to celebrate a shared love of White Castle, and, now Stan Lee will forever be celebrated among the elite Cravers!"

As a reward for receiving the highest of honors from White Castle, Lee will receive such prizes as "a framed photograph of the first White Castle Lee visited as a child, an official identification badge granting unlimited access to the employee cafeteria in Columbus, OH, and a guarantee of one Crave Case per month for as long as he would like."

"Growing up in Washington Heights and the Bronx, I loved White Castle. The infamous slider was a favorite then, just as it remains today over 85 years later!" said Lee. "I am grateful to White Castle for recognizing my lifelong Crave-ings and honored to join past and future Craver Hall of Fame inductees. And to be perfectly honest, I'm also looking forward to receiving my Crave Case each month from White Castle!"

Well there you have it. The secret to eternal life: White Castle sliders.

Lee was inducted to the Hall of Fame in a Hollywood ceremony, with White Castle's Crave Mobile™ traveling cross country for the event which coincided with the opening of Lee's Excelsior Collectibles store in Brea, CA. The ceremony was really beautiful, or so we assume. Everybody missed it because they were waiting in line for the bathroom after eating White Castle. Those tiny burgers go right through you. They don't call them "sliders" for nothing.

White Castle Stan Lee Cravers Hall of Fame Induction

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