A Feel-Good Inspirational Tale Continues: Help Us! Great Warrior #2

BOOMBOX_Help_Us_Great_Warrior_002_A_MainDemons attack in the second issue of Help Us! Great Warrior, from BOOM! Box, written and illustrated by Madeleine Flores, with colors by Trillian Gunn. This month's issue focuses on Great Warrior's mission to protect her village from a giant dinosaur-looking demon. Unfortunately for her, things don't exactly go according to plan. However, that doesn't break her brave and positive spirit! Despite her good friend Hadiyah's wishes to close the portal to Demonside, Great Warrior is determined to do what's right for her people. We get a nice dose of character background in this issue, which provides us with a little insight to why Great Warrior holds the reputation that she does.

BOOMBOX_Help_Us_Great_Warrior_002_PRESS-4I think what's so fantastic about this comic is how much fun comes across in the pages with such a sweet style. Flores' character designs are quite simple. There isn't a ton of detail, and most of the backgrounds aren't crowded with things. The result is a very clean, colorful comic. I want to talk specifically about the design of Great Warrior and her villagers. I always admire artists that create their own species. I'm not sure what Great Warrior and her villagers are called, but one thing is for sure—they are absolutely adorable. I want to hug them all. All in all, Help Us! Great Warrior is a feel good, inspirational tale. I mentioned in my review of issue one last month that reading it is a lot like eating a bag of potato chips. You just want to keep going because one isn't enough. That feeling still stands this month. I look forward to future issues of this adventurous comic.

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