First Impressions: Gravediggers Union Says Space-Monkey a Lot [#7 Review]

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The Gravediggers Union escaped with the Space-Monkey, but Haley is barely alive. Cole must know grapple with the fact that his daughter, Morgan, is working with the apocalypse cult. He knew she had powers, but he didn't think she would join up with this sort. Now, the Gravediggers Union must decide what is to be done next.

Gravediggers Union #7 cover by Wes Craig
Gravediggers Union #7 cover by Wes Craig

Gravediggers Union #7 is a difficult comic to grasp for the first-time reader. The recap helps a lot, as I would be completely lost without it. However, it doesn't cover all the intricacies of this title. In fairness, any recap would struggle to do so with a book like this.

That said, it is an interesting world to explore. The idea of rival magic cabals fighting for the fate of the world isn't new to this title, but its presentation is intriguing. It mixes different aesthetics and motifs of mysticism from around the world to craft the two factions.

What throws me off is the corporate structure to it. The Gravediggers Union is like a labor union—I think. There's a boss, and it's like an actual job.

Cole is the central figure of this issue, and he is likable. He was an absentee father devoted to his job due to the grief of losing his wife, and he is now grappling with the failures of his past.

Gravediggers Union #7 art by Toby Cypress and Niko Guardia
Gravediggers Union #7 art by Toby Cypress and Niko Guardia


Toby Cypress' artwork is an interesting is sometimes hard to interpret style. It is highly stylized and exaggerates the features of its characters to make them distinct. Backgrounds are left bare decently often, which isn't ideal. Expression is handled well though. Niko Guardia is the color artist. The palette used is pleasingly wild and contrasts in crazy ways. It looks good and adds a lot of personality to the comic.

Gravediggers Union #7 is an intriguing read. On one hand, it is an apocalyptic war between two mystic factions and the consequences of being an absentee father. On the other hand, it says "Space-Monkey" a lot. I enjoyed my read overall, though I wouldn't recommend this to a new reader. It's dense and has a lot of moving parts that will be hard to follow without prior experience with the series. To those more familiar with the comic, I can recommend it. It's a solid read, and you should feel free to check it out.

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