Gabriel Hardman Swears Off Commissions After Confronting Unauthorized Print Seller At NYCC

Comic creator Gabriel Hardman confronted a woman who was selling cheap, unauthorized prints of his work outside the Crystal Palace entrance to New York Comic Con on Sunday. Hardman relayed his experience on Twitter, and the responses from his colleagues show it's a problem affecting many comic book pros.

Gabriel Hardman Invisible Republic

Hardman tweeted:

Things devolved from there, according to Hardman.

Yikes! And it seems the incident may have been the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to commissions.

Hey Rich! Don't be trying to shoehorn yourself into our article! Get out of here!

Hardman's peers expressed solidarity.

So thanks a lot, counterfeit Gabriel Hardman print lady. You ruined it for everyone. Well, with one exception:

Folks, a friendly reminder: buy your art directly from comic creators whenever possible, to make sure they're being fairly compensated for their work.

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