What If… Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp Go to The Silver Surfer Next?

Talking about the current run on The Green Lantern to Syfy, Grant Morrison described it as "such a beautiful concept though, isn't it? It's so bright and colourful. Hopefully, we've convinced people that human beings are that cool. I wish we were that cool."

The series artist Liam Sharp replied "It's the opposite of Silver Surfer, who is trying to find humanity"

Grant Morrison: "F***ing Norrin Radd, man. Liam Sharp, what we could do with 12 issues of that!"

Liam Sharp: "Yet, I feel it has all of that, it's just from another perspective. It's a lost man trying to find redemption in outer space. We both love all of those cosmic comics."

Well… what could Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp do with Silver Surfer after the end of their run on The Green Lantern? Well, at one point, Morrison was meant to be writing a Silver Surfer comic book, to be drawn by Frank Quitely. This is what he told Newsarama nineteen years ago.

"Hopefully for release later next year, it's got misery, madness and apocalyptic destruction on a cosmic scale so Christmas would be nice."

"It`s a whole new look at the Surfer. I found an angle with the character that I`m very surprised no one`s ever noticed or dealt with before to my knowledge. The bleeding-heart chrome plated space hippy of Stan`s 60s stories has seemed increasingly irrelevant with the passage of time and fashion so I`m trying to do something that`s a little closer to Jack Kirby's concept of the Surfer as a chilling, inhuman angel of annihilation. Think of this as a weird kind of YEAR ZERO project where we get a look at what Norrin Radd and Galactus were doing before their fateful visit to Earth and their encounter with the FF."

This is how Liam Sharp was drawing Silver Surfer even before then. twenty-one years ago in 1998…

What If… Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp Go to The Silver Surfer Next?

C.B. Cebulski? Tom Brevoort? One for you here I think…

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