Grant Morrison To Talk About Zenith In Tomorrow's Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian has been in the news itself of late. On one hand we have the boyfriend of their chief reporter on the Edward Snowden story getting held and interrogated without legal counsel for nine hours while passing through Heathrow on his way to Brazil. Then we have news of British secret services taking Guardian hard drives and smashing them to pieces in the basement of the Guardian offices. All stirring stuff.

comics_grant_morrison_1Well, tomorrow, that will seem but peanuts, because I've learned Grant Morrison will be talking to Laura Sneddon about, amongst other things, Zenith.

Recently, Rebellion announced (and pre sold) collections of Zenith in hardcover direct to consumers. Grant Morrison has for years stated that Rebellion do not have the publishing rights to do that. And at least one print run of the Zenith collection has been pulped for this very reason. The recent Rebellion actions seem to have been designed to get around these risk-averse distributor legal policies. But, though I have heard legal stirrings from Scotland, Morrison hasn;t explicitly talked about this situation.

Tomorrow (or some time tonight, depending on online Guardian editors) that changes. And Grant Morrison speaks. To Laura Sneddon. In the Guardian.

I do hope she also asked him about the poison needle theory for The Killing Joke


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