Green Arrow #27 Review: Green Arrow Gives A Speech On Capitol Hill

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Green Arrow #27 Review: Green Arrow Gives A Speech On Capitol Hill

Green Arrow and the Flash's investigation into the Ninth Circle, the criminal cabal who have taken over Seattle, branded it as Star City, and made Oliver Queen a fugitive, has led them to the nation's capital itself, Washington D.C.

The two find a mass murder at a pro-peace lobbying organization. Flash goes to analyze the evidence. Ollie stays behind. Meanwhile, a general is killed by a man in a power suit built for the military.

Green Arrow tracks down this man and begins an interrogation, but he is stopped by Wonder Woman. She doesn't trust Arrow due to his past conduct, as well as the warrant out for Queen. Unfortunately, the mystery man in the power suit escapes.

After a session with the Lasso of Truth, Green Arrow proves to Diana that he's changed, apologetic for what he's done, and innocent of the murder charge.

Back in Star City, Black Canary and Emiko continue their siege against the Underground Men and their human trafficking ring.

The man in the power suit targets a senator next, and Green Arrow and Wonder Woman have to team up to stop him. Ollie also develops some suspicions about who is involved with the Ninth Circle.

This is a wall-to-wall action-packed issue. It's quite exciting, and Green Arrow and Wonder Woman actually make for a good team-up. They are both motivated warriors at heart, and Wonder Woman is good at seeing the core of people. She can see past Green Arrow's bluster.

One plot point did leave me rolling my eyes a little: the discussion in the issue in regard to the murdered peace lobbyists. This group was actually funded by the Ninth Circle, only to be killed by them. This is apparently a deliberate attempt to warmonger. You see, though, why make your own lobbying group to kill? There are plenty of active peace-activist groups. It seems like just a sadistic snake eating its own tail for the hell of it. It's implied that it's an attempt to get these type of people out in the open to kill. However, again, I'm sure there are plenty of active peace-promoting groups to do this with in the DC Universe.

I do get it; it's Green Arrow. It's the idea of controlled opposition. Green Arrow under Benjamin Percy is a borderline polemic comic. That's one of the main reasons it's always an interesting read. However, I'm not sure that's how controlled opposition works in relation to a business organization.

Who knows, I could be full of crap. It's still a hard idea to swallow either way.

There is a scene towards the end where Green Arrow gives a speech at Capitol Hill after saving the senator that's been targeted for assassination. This part is awesome. I can't say anything negative about it.

Green Arrow

Jamal Campbell does the art for this comic, and it looks fantastic. The figures are fluid and forward-moving; the colors are bright and contrasting. Ollie looks determined. Diana looks like a living legend. It's all pretty great.

I highly recommend this comic. This is easily one of the best Green Arrow issues of Rebirth. It's got action, it's got heart, and it's got Green Arrow being a loudmouth liberal. What more do you need from a Green Arrow comic?

Also, you can probably enjoy this if you're a conservative, too — unless you endorse murder or needless war. Hopefully, that's not the case.

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