Green Arrow #32 Review: Hey, It's Mister Terrific!

Green Arrow #32 cover by Stepjan Sejic
Green Arrow #32 cover by Stepjan Sejic

*Ties into Dark Nights: Metal crossover

          As a disclaimer, I will go ahead and say I didn't read the previous issues to the "Gotham Resistance" story arc. I knew Metal was going to cross over into Green Arrow, but I had no idea it was going to be a through-line into Suicide Squad, Nightwing, and Teen Titans. I wasn't going to go back and read the other three, one of which is a book I have no interest in whatsoever (here's a hint, it's the one with Harley Quinn).

So, take my review with a grain of salt if you feel that disclaimer warrants it.

Also, holy crap, Mister Terrific is in it! I love Michael Holt, so that was a nice surprise.

So, Gotham is an utter hellscape full of roided-up supervillains, death metal robots, and plenty of Alice in Wonderland references. It's down to Green Arrow, Mister Terrific, Nightwing, Robin, and Harley Quinn to mitigate the catastrophe which has fallen upon the city with the arrival of Challenger's Mountain and the Batman Who Laughs.

There is a machine somehow being powered by the Teen Titans and Killer Croc, and it's on its way to Challenger's Mountain. The Gotham Resistance know this can only spell doom for its occupants, and they have to intervene before it gets there. Worse yet, the Robins of the Batman Who Laughs continue to assail Robin and his team.

So yeah, this was quite a scenario to run blind into. I can't say I was expecting this, even with the "Gotham Resistance" label on the cover.

That being said, once I got into the groove of what was going on, I really dug the story.

Firstly, Harley Quinn's shenanigans didn't drown out the story. Secondly, it actually made Damian Wayne a relatable character for once in his miserable life. Thirdly, Mister Terrific is here, and that's always a plus.

Green Arrow #32 art by Juan Ferreyra
Green Arrow #32 art by Juan Ferreyra

The complete insanity of Gotham's nightmare is quite a thing to witness too. It really looks like the end of the world, but it's not generic chaos in the streets. This apocalypse has its own malicious charm, and it looks great, especially while being brought to life by artist Juan Ferreyra.

Ferreyra has a very distinct style, and it fits the ethereal madness of Metal's influence on Gotham City very well. His color work fits the atmosphere of absolute chaos and destruction perfectly too.

The ending isn't completely out of nowhere, but it does come off like a get-out-of-jail-free card for the heroes involved. It's not the most satisfying ending, but it does seem relevant to the mainline Metal story.

It is frustrating that someone who isn't following Metal and just wants to read Green Arrow would be waylaid like this by the crossover. I'm actually enjoying Metal, so I wasn't too disappointed. However, I can't ignore how badly put together this tie-in really was.

As such, if you have no interest in Metal, I can't recommend this issue to you. Wait for the next issue of Green Arrow (I hope). If you like both Ollie and Metal or have been following "Gotham Resistance" anyway, give this one a read. It is a visually stunning comic, and the story is pretty solid.

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