#HotClaws for Hanukkah on #XMenMonday

It's X-Men Monday, the most important weekly holiday in the X-Men tradition, but another famous holiday is taking place all week long, true believers! We're talking about Hanukkah, of course, and what better way to celebrate Hanukkah than with Wolverine's "hot claws," which have burned for three issues so far despite Marvel's readership only having enough patience for exactly zero issues of that nonsense.

In any case, the traditional celebration of X-Men Monday is for the Marvel X-Editor to post previews of upcoming X-Books, but Marvel's Jordan White has been shirking his duties lately, sometimes skipping the holiday completely, and sometimes posting other things, like a costume contest last week. Is White is waging some kind of one-man "War on X-Mas" or something?

In any case, White spent most of this X-Men Monday revealing the winners of last week's contest, though he did provide a preview of this week's Merry X-Men Holiday Special, featuring Charles Soule, Ryan Browne, and Jordan Boyd's story: #HotClaws for Hanukkah."

Hmm, where could that second panel be from? And is nobody going to talk about how Wolverine is taking honest work away from snowplow drivers and driveway shovelers? Wolverine's dickishness knows no bounds!

And here's the results of White's costume contest from last week:

You can view a few more stories from the Merry X-Men Holiday Special in the preview released over the weekend. And as always, read our recap of last week's X-books in our latest X-ual Healing column.

Happy X-Men Monday, people! And Happy Hanukkah too!

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