How Barry Allen Is Introduced To Wally West For The First Time (Flash Annual 3 Spoilers)

Yesterday, we looked at a preview to Flash Annual #3, seeing Wally West come into physical contact with a new, rebooted, young Wally West. By arresting him.


Looks like the R still stands for Rudolph.

Today's with the book's publication, we get to see the introduction of the two, by a certain Iris West. Created in 1959 as a kid sidekick for The Flash by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, he was originally a young, white, red haired kid. A few things have changed…



But not too much. So, already that's a rather fun relationship to kick off with.


So, this new Wally West, what's his back story?


Parental abandonment? How very sterotypical for a superhero. The originally Wally never had it that hard. Indeed Wally was originally President of the Flash Fan Club. This Wally? Not so much…

Flash Annual #3 is published today by DC Comics. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will be presenting a live Orbital podcast event on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, from 3pm to 7pm, with plenty of surprise comic creator guests!




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