"I Love B-Movies And Universal Monsters-type Films" – Kate Leth Talks Themes For New Vampirella Series

In March Dynamite kicks off the third volume of Vampirella with a new direction guided by Gail Simone and a new design by Nicola Scott. Writing the new series will be Kate Leth who chatted with Byron Brewer about the new project. Covers by Chrissie Zullo and Jay Anacleto.

Vampivol301CovAZulloBYRON BREWER: Kate, tell us how you came to be attached to this exciting new re-"vamp" (lol) of Dynamite icon Vampirella?

KATE LETH: Through the wonder that is Gail Simone, who brought me on to be part of all the amazing things she's doing at Dynamite.

BB: As the writer of the new Vampirella book, tell us your perception of this long-running character.

KL: Vampirella is a really interesting character with quite a varied history. Sometimes she's serious, sometimes she's camp, and there's a lot to play with. I'm excited to show a whole variety of sides of her and really show her teeth.

BB: Will you be drawing inspiration from any other Vampi runs, or is this book a new interpretation entirely?

Vampivol301CovBAnacletoKL: This is a new style, for sure, and a new direction for the character, but I'm taking bits and pieces from all throughout her history as well as from the world of horror. It's funny, I don't watch much in the way of modern horror, but I love B-movies and classic Universal Monsters-type films, and this story very much plays into those themes. Eman Casallos' art, which is incredible, is such a joy to look at and I think makes our book pretty special. He can show both humor and horror so well, and the action …! It's to die for.

BB: Are Vampirella, monster hunting and Hollywood a challenge to mix?

KL: They go together better than you'd expect, actually. I'm in the process of moving to LA, so there are familiar elements of being a foreigner in a foreign land mixed in with our story. Hollywood is a very strange place, and it makes sense to have strange characters populating it. It's a short leap to demons and magic, really.

BB: So, non-spoilery, what can you tell us about the first arc of this new Vampirella book?

KL: I can tell you there will be kissing and killing, and a whole lot of camp. It's definitely a Vampirella book for folks who've never tried Vampirella, but there are plenty of nods to the classics in there, too. She's taking control of herself and her image in a new way, and we get to follow her as she navigates this new city. It's as much about fame and relationships as it is monsters, I can tell you that much. And, no spoilers here: it's beautiful.

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