Indie Comic Review: Vengeance, Nevada Brings Many Genres Together with a Great Lead

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A sheriff's deputy with glowing eyes arrives in her apartment, and we get a flashback from some time in the past where she was on patrol and waiting in her car. She talks to the dispatcher about her boyfriend, and we see him elsewhere involved in a heist with costumed criminals. The heist is interrupted by seeming superheroes. Her boyfriend is used as a human shield and seemingly dies. Then death itself comes to the deputy.

Vengeance, Nevada #1 cover
Vengeance, Nevada #1 cover

Vengeance, Nevada #1 starts off as a relatively straightforward comic about a deputy. The opening scene is odd, but you get lost in the dialogue between Deputy Jacobs and the dispatcher easily.

Things get odd from there with the heist, the superheroes, then aliens, talk of an ancient war, and the arrival of actual Death. The story gets hard to follow here, as a lot of exposition is slipped into the discussion without pause for clarification.

That said, there is something to be said about the ambition, world-building, and smattering of genre elements for which Vengeance, Nevada aims. Plus, Deputy Jacobs is a very likable character from the outset. She can be kind and gentle, but you get the impression that she is often raring for a fight.

Vengeance, Nevada #1 art by Piotr Czaplarski
Vengeance, Nevada #1 art by Piotr Czaplarski

The art from Piotr Czaplarski is appealing and holds together well. It's not especially extraordinary, and it could use some stylism to create its own visual identity. One thing that could be expanded upon is how color is played with. The comic is mainly monochrome, but some scenes smatter bits of color, which makes for interesting visuals. The aliens also have a really cool design, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them.

BJ Mendelson and Piotr Czaplarski's Vengeance, Nevada #1 is an interesting opening. It is frontloaded with a lot of vague exposition and world-building, and the art could use some work. However, the characters and ambition have enough charm that I can recommend checking it out.

For those interested in supporting this indie creator, the comic can be found on ComiXology right here.

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