Infinity Wars Prime #1 Review: Could This One Turn Out Good?

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Loki is searching through Asgardian tomes in the hopes of understanding why those stories are different than he remembers. The search, as well as an angry librarian, lead him to the God Quarry, also known as the Quarry of Creation. On Earth, Adam Warlock visits Doctor Strange to aid in his exploration of the Soul World. Elsewhere still, Thanos and the Chitauri ready their own search for the Infinity Stones.

Infinity Wars Prime #1 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
Infinity Wars Prime #1 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin

Infinity Wars Prime #1 sets out the opening plot threads for the upcoming story. These threads connect well enough to Infinity Countdown, though Loki stopped appearing after the first couple of issues, Doctor Strange didn't come in the main story until the end, and Thanos barely appeared at all.

That said, I did find myself intrigued by what was on offer in Infinity Wars. There is confusion, distrust, and an admittedly shocking ending (even if that ending will almost certainly be undone in a matter of months). The interplay between Strange and Warlock sets the stage for a story where even the heroes don't know if they can trust one another.

That air of animosity between Marvel's heroes has become tiresome as of late, but, if Gerry Duggan can make it as compelling as this throughout Infinity Wars, then I can make an exception.

Going back to that ending death — yeah, it wasn't all that impactful. Most seasoned readers will know that it will be far from permanent. That said, it wasn't a bad ending in a vacuum, and I don't inherently begrudge the book for it.

Infinity Wars Prime #1 art by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
Infinity Wars Prime #1 art by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin

Mike Deodato Jr. once again shows that he is a compelling artist capable of crafting truly moody scenes. The panels have a true sense of depth to them, and he can show emotion in subtle facial movements. Thanos himself is done justice here, though we did see Deodato show off his Mad Titan prowess before in Jeff Lemire's Thanos series. Frank Martin complements it all with a dark and unnerving palette that further serves to build the atmosphere of the comic. The worst thing about the art that can be said is that the paneling can be needlessly and distractingly elaborate, but that doesn't ruin the art by a long shot.

Infinity Wars Prime #1 is a compelling read that hopefully shows that Wars will be a better story than Countdown. The stage is set in an intriguing fashion, and this one issue is likely better than most installments of Countdown. Hopefully, this one will turn great. In any case, I do recommend this comic. Check it out.

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