James Cameron to Inflict More Avatar Comics on Dark Horse Readers

James Cameron's plan to inflict multiple sequels to the hit 2009 film Avatar on moviegoing audiences has been pushed back to 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic, a tradeoff that most people can probably agree was worth it. However, Cameron has found a new way to punish humanity for delaying their fate of watching an Avatar sequel, and Dark Horse Comics is going to help him execute his evil plan.

James Cameron to Inflict More Avatar Comics on Dark Horse Readers
The cover to Avatar: The Next Shadow #1. Credit: Dark Horse Comics

According to a report from sexy Dora the Explorer advocacy website The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron is bringing another comic book mini-series to Dark Horse, titled Avatar: The Next Shadow. Though words are unable to convey the horror of reading an Avatar comic book, THR, making their best attempt, describes the series thusly:

The Next Shadow takes place in the immediate aftermath of the original movie, as Sully struggles to keep the Omaticaya clan together in the wake of his arrival — and deal with a plot to take him out of the Na'vi entirely.

Jeremy Barlow will write Avatar: The Next Shadow, with art by Josh Hood and covers by Gui Balbi. The first issue is set to debut in January, which will be nearly two years before the as-yet-untitled Avatar sequel actually hits theaters. As such, we're forced to question why even the most nihilistic of comic book readers would read the comic. Sure, the movie is coming out in December of 2022, but a lot can happen between now and then. Maybe the apocalypse will happen, human civilization will be utterly destroyed, all of us will die, and none of us will have to watch an Avatar movie ever again.

But in the event that you feel you have no other options, you can pick up the first issue of this four-issue series at your local comic book shop on January 6th.

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