Jim Shooter On Being Blacklisted In Heavy Metal January 2022 Solicits

Heavy Metal Magazine solicits its #313 issue for January 2022, promising more from the Jim Shooter interview, formerly EIC of Marvel, as well as founder of Valiant Entertainment, Defiant Comics and Broadway Comics as well… here are the full Heavy Metal solicits for January 2022.

NOV211465 – HEAVY METAL #313 CVR B (MR) – 13.99
(W) David Arquette, Cliff Dorfman, Jim Shooter, Steve Orlando, Ryan Lindsay, Matt Medney, Brendan Columbus (A) Al Barrionuevo, German Ponce, Sebastian Piriz, Ivan Shavrin (CA) Various
Heavy Metal kicks off a new year of publishing the best science-fiction, fantasy, and horror stories in the comic book industry! David Arquette (Scream 5) and Cliff Dorfman introduce their new historical fiction tale Valentine, Ryan K. Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz conclude the saga of Black Beacon, Savage Circus comes to a gruesome end by Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo, Matthew Medney's Darkwing reaches its penultimate chapter with German Ponce, the high-flying fantasy series Starward by Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin heads toward its final act, and legendary former Marvel E-I-C Jim Shooter discusses being blacklisted in comics in a no holds barred interview!
In Shops: Jan 26, 2022
SRP: 13.99

SWAMP GOD #4 (OF 6) (MR)
(W) Ron Marz (A / CA) Armitano
In the waning days of the Civil War, contingents of Union and Confederate troops hunt each other deep in the swamps of Louisiana. But something else hunts them. A vengeful swamp monster has been summoned from the depths of hell and set loose in the bayou. The only hope the soldiers have is each other. The swampy saga by writer Ron Marz and artist Armitano continues!
In Shops: Jan 05, 2022
SRP: 2.99

(W) Marc McCann (A) Phil Buckenham
Winter is seduced by the boy-sprite, Petros, off to the Never, Never. A place where children never grow up and adults are the enemy. What would such a place look like? Where resources are scarce. Time passes, but age is obsolete. War with adults, starved and insane from constant battle, is the norm. What would ageless boys free of civility and role-models be willing to do to survive. To live Forever. A young girl will face her greatest test; an island full of immortal cannibals with a dark secret that sustains its existence, in the most unnatural and awful of ways.
In Shops: Jan 19, 2022
SRP: 19.99

(W) Rodolfo Santullo (A / CA) Jok
The world of Dungeons & Burglars is a dangerous one. One can never guess where the knife, sword, mace, fire ball, spell which turns you into a frog, or the Troll attack will come from. It is a world where mythological creatures, magic and warriors coexist like no other. It is also a world like any other, where just a few have much, and many have nothing. But within those many, there are some who will try to achieve something by any means. Of course, getting what you want is no easy task when things like two-headed monsters, angry witches, or traitorous accomplices get in your way. Yet, sometimes, be it because of practice, habit or experience they get what they want. The important thing is knowing what awaits you when you live in a Dungeons & Burglars world.
In Shops: Jan 05, 2022
SRP: 10.99

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