Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustafa Bring 8-Issue "Savage Things" To Vertigo In 2017

Gerard Way's Young Animal may be the new Vertigo, but the old Vertigo would like to remind you that it still exists. What better way to do that than with a new series in 2017 by Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustafa? Called "Savage Things," the series centers around a secret government organization that identifies children with the potential to become killers, kidnaps them, and trains them for black ops work. Twenty-five years later, the government realizes this is a bad idea and tries to eliminate them, causing the little Dexters to fight back. Who could have possibly foreseen something would go wrong with this program?! The government turns to a man name Abel to set things straight.

In an EXXXCLUSIVE reveal on Crave Online, Jordan says of the series:

I've always loved spy thrillers and horror, but I haven't seen a lot that melds the two genres. We've seen in the real world how easy it is for a handful of people to bring the gears of civilization grinding to a halt by spreading shock and fear. Those are amateurs. Imagine what we'd get if there were a group of people—brilliant, gifted people—whose entire lives had been training them to spread fear to destabilize a society. That was horrifying to me. Terrifying to me. And that's what Savage Things is about. It's about the weapons we create being turned on us.

In a rare treat for comics press, the artist, Moustafa, is also asked to comment on the book:

Justin and I are aiming to deliver a high level of intrigue and excitement, with a flavor that is unique to Vertigo and the comics medium. As a visual storyteller, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from comics like Scalped, The Losers, and Sleeper. Additionally, my love of movies like the James Bond films, The Bourne Identity, John Wick, and Hanna will be evident as well. On top of that, we are honored to have John Paul Leon doing covers for the series.

Normally, the writer doesn't even mention the artist while being the only one talking about a new comic to the press, so this is a rare treat indeed!

Since we've already copied all the relevant info from Crave Online, we might as well steal their EXXXCLUSIVE preview images as well. Check 'em out:

Cover by John Paul Leon

savage-things-1-page-1 savage-things-1-page-3 savage-things-1-page-4 savage-things-1-page-5

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