Justin Jordan On Making A Hero Out Of Evil Ernie

Justin Jodan makes his first foray into the world of Chaos! Comics and for Dynamite Entertainment in the new series, Evil Ernie: Godeater. The new series puts Ernie in a role he's never had to play before… hero. Cover art by Lucio Parillo.

TNEEGod01CovAParilloBYRON BREWER: First, Justin, Evil Ernie: Godeater #1 is your Dynamite Entertainment debut, congratulations! How does it feel to be working for the publisher?

JUSTIN JORDAN: Good! So far the experience has been really rad, which I expect to continue. Everyone seems really happy with how everything has turned out.

BB: I have thought of Evil Ernie in many iterations, but never as the savior of mankind (or whatever its equivalent in the Chaos Universe). Tell us how this concept originated.

JJ: One of the tricks about writing a character like Evil Ernie is that he is not the good guy. In his original Brian Pulido incarnation, he was a genocidal maniac. The current iteration is more sympathetic than that, but still a long way from a hero.

So I thought it'd be interesting to put him in a position where he IS the hero, and that he has to fight (actually literally) on the side of the angels.

BB: Without giving too much away (unless you want to, lol), what can you tell readers about the "Godeater"?

JJ: Basically, a long time ago, heaven and hell teamed up to stop something that had devoured almost all the gods. Now it's loose, and they really don't have another plan to stop it.

The Godeater itself is exactly what it says on the package – it eats gods, and grows stronger with each one.

BB: What threat might this entity or entities pose to the Chaos Universe, and what other Chaos creations might we be seeing in this story as it unfolds?

JJ: The Godeater is a threat to literally everything. It will consume the universe and go looking for others if it can. And the trick they used to stop it once is not one that will work again. That's a problem.

For this one, we're sticking strictly to the Ernie cast of characrers.

BB: Everything else in comicdom has tie-ins this summer. Will there be any Chaos limited series/one shots connected to the Godeater storyline?

JJ: Nope, although what happens here will likely affect the universe as a whole. The end changes the status quo quite a lot.

BB: Elephant in the room: What role, if any, does our pal Smiley play in this saga?

JJ: Smiley is there! Giving mostly pretty bad advice and running color commentary.

BB: Did artists Colton Worley or Cezar Razek do any design work for the book? What makes them ideal artists for this extraordinary Ernie story?

JJ: Well, they're super rad artists. And Colton designed the Godeater and Ernie's new (old) look.

BB: Tell us some other projects you might be working on now.

JJ: All sort of stuff, most of which I can't talk about. I've got a new arc of my comic Spread starting in July, as well as a new book, Sombra, from BOOM! Sombra is basically Heart of Darkness in Cartel, Mexico, and I'm super excited about it.

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