Katie Cook, The Hall H Of Artists Alley (WETA UPDATE)

At Bleeding Cool, I have repeatedly reported on comic book writer/artist Katie Cook's line at comic shows. She insists on offering watercolour painted cartoon cards of any character she is asked for, for $5. And, as a result, has a line hundreds strong at some shows.

This year, she gave in to the pressures and doubled her price to $10 to a) raise a little more money and b) curb the demand ever so slightly. And while the first may have worked, the second did not. Within ten minutes of the show first opening, there was a two hour line for these sketches and she was forced to cap it.

I think next year she should start offering wristbands. And I wouldn't be surprised if folks will be camping outside in their sleeping bags….

Now go read Gronk.

UPDATE: It is inevitable…

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