Kickstarter Spotlight: 'The Mayfield Eight', Grindhouse Biker Gang Glory

Tim Larsen writes:

Cover to Mayfield Eight
Mayfield Eight Cover

"What would you do if someone offered you a ticket out?"

This is what Cal Ryder ponders as he slums his way through a dead-end job slinging hash at a diner in 1974 Albuquerque. What he really needs is a break, and he gets it in the form of his sleazy friend Lenny Starkweather, a smooth talker who has a way to con you out of your last dollar yet make you feel a co-conspirator at the same time.

Lenny has just fixed up Cal's prized possession: a Honda 750 motorcycle, not asking for money, but instead wanting him to help him out on a "back room deal." Do this, and they can head out on a road trip to Mexico to celebrate Cal's 17th birthday in a stripper bar south of the border. What could possibly go wrong?

Lurking in the scorching American Southwest Desert are dangerous elements working against Lenny and Cal; namely in the form of a heavyweight drug dealer named Nelson Griffin and a Biker Gang named The Banshees who wouldn't hesitate to wipe them off the face of the earth for the smallest infraction. A puny gesture on Cal's part starts an avalanche of hate and hurt falling all around, with a slim-to-none chance of just getting through the next four days. Cal is forced to rely on his own resources to ride through the danger and come out the other side alive.

Mayfield Eight is waist-deep in the 'have a nice day', bell-bottom, mutton-chopped sideburn 8-track era of the 1970s, where gas lines were long and Nixon was a doomed president. It's a six-issue comic book with a story arc that twists and burns through the southwest desert with an intensity reserved for the trashy yet classic grind house style of drive-in movies.

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Hey, Josh Davison here again.

Mayfield Eight looks like a really solid, gritty throwback story. It's definitely worth checking out. Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

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