Lark's Killer Rolls On By Comics' Vet Bill Willingham, Devil's Due/1First January 2018 Solicits!

Devil's Due/1First has a great offering coming up in January of 2018. Comics veteran Bill Willingham's Lark's Killer continues its run with DC Comics artist Travis Moore (JSA All-Stars). Malefic, under Dan Schaffer, and Lords of Gore, by D. B. Stanley, continue their runs with #5 and #4 respectively.

Lark's Killer #6
(W) Bill Willngham (A) Travis Moore (C) Sean Forney
Cover A – Travis Moore, Cover B – Sam Lofti, Cover C – Bill Willingham
Wrapping up the first LARK'S KILLER storyline, the assassin Hala is flat on her back and at Lark's mercy – but it remains to be seen if Lark has any mercy to give. After all, all we really know about the street rat so far is that she's a thief and a runaway. Who knows? Maybe she'll surprise us. In the meantime, Brenar concludes his duel to the death with Jolly Boy, quickly coming to the same conclusion Jolly Boy had, which is Brenar's no match for him. All this, and a return of the drunken wizard. Isn't that exciting?

Malefic #5
(W) Dan Schaffer (A) David Miller (CA) Dan Schaffer
"Sticky Therapy." Freust dishes out harsh treatment during a session that leaves her questioning her own sociopathic behavior. Maybe her new sordid reputation is deserved. When she seizes the opportunity to try a dangerous experiment on a sentient mannequin, the results are predictably catastrophic and it begins to look like Inmate Eleven's malevolent influence is pushing Freust closer to the same abyss of insanity that swallowed her father.

Lord of Gore #4
(W) D.B. Stanley (A) Daniel Leister (C) Greg & Fake
Cover A – Daniel Leister, Cover B – Stuart Sayger
In the wake of viewing the murder tape, Danny and Abby have some face time with Sebastian, who asks them to turn it over. When they refuse, he is quite disappointed, and Sebastian is not a man who takes disappointment well.

(W/A/CA) Dan Cote
Not many indy comics ever make it to 20 issues. Zen Intergalactic Ninja is one of those rare indy titles with more than 100 comic books to date. In publishing years, Zen is 30, as the first issue appeared in November, 1987. But Zen has been searching for his Home Planet for what seems forever. Master Satva had only provided hints to his origin until now. Zen, a genetic experiment deemed a failure, had been rescued by the scientist Teslah and launched into space with the words, "May the Great Creator protect you!"

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