Legend Of Zelda #1 Comic Up For Auction On ComicConnect Today

Legend of Zelda fans: raise your hands if you knew this existed before today. I showed this cover to multiple people I would consider more than causal Zelda fans, and only one of them even knew that this was a thing that happened. This comic was released by Valiant in 1990, featuring story and art by George Caragonne and Rodney Ramos. It contains two stories and two short bonus stories. It ran for five issues. Up for auction and taking bids for another few hours is a CGC 9.6 copy of The Legend of Zelda #1. This is part of Event Auction #43, running for the next two days. This one is sitting at a cool $86 right now, with plenty of time to sneak a bid and steal this one. Check it out below.

Legend Of Zelda #1 Comic Up For Auction On ComicConnect Today
Legend of Zelda #1 CGC 9.6. Credit ComicConnect

Legend of Zelda Fans Can Snag This Cheap

"In the original 1990 run, the chapters included in this volume were Missing in Action and Trust Me. In the second run of the comics, Trust Me was swapped to Issue 2, and Missing in Action was made to be the second story of Issue 1." This was not the only Nintendo comic either; there was also a Mario one as well. These Zelda comics do not come up in this shape as often as one might think. Raw these go for around $15-20, but this is a really nice graded copy. Look at that cover too; I love the old school feel to it. 

Again, this is a part of ComicConnect's Event Auction #43, which is continuing today and concludes tomorrow. This Legend of Zelda comic is taking bids for another couple hours, so be sure to head here for more details and to get your bid in. While there, check out the other items ending today and still taking bids for tomorrow.

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