Marc Silvestri Darkness Kickstarter Promises New Ongoing Series

A Kickstarter campaign just launched for the second hardcover in The Darkness Complete Collection promises new material by Marc Silvestri and a new ongoing Darkness series to launch sometime in the near future. The Kickstarter page states:

In addition to recollecting the original series, we're bringing Jackie Estacado back!

Marc Silvestri is writing the Kickstarter exclusive #1/2 that will tease the forthcoming ongoing series. Darkness fans don't want to miss this epic introduction with art by Christopher Mitten with Top Cow fan-favorite colorist Bryan Valenza—and Troy Peteri returning to letter the series eight years later!

It's worth noting that the snippet above only states that this is the creative team for the #1/2 issue, not that this will be the creative team for the ongoing series. But we can hope.

While more info on that should be forthcoming in the future, in the present, you can still pledge to grab the #1/2 issue as well as The Darkness Complete Collection Vol. 2 hardcover on Kickstarter. Here's the description of the collection:

Jackie Estacado puts his house in order and assumes control of his life with the Darkness. Jackie's family life in the Franchettis is thrown into upheaval when his uncle Cristo and Cousin Nicoletta return and bring old feuds with them. Then he discovers he has a twin sister he never knew right before The Angelus and Sonatine return for a climactic showdown. Family feuds, a mysterious town called Wyrmwood, and being hunted by Ripclaw. All this and more, gorgeously rendered and assembled in this second volume of absolute collected editions.


You can pledge a minimum of $30 for a digital copy, or (if you do it in the next 18 hours for the early bird sale) $45 for the hard copy here. After the first day sale is over, the hard copy will require a $50 pledge.

Marc Silvestri Darkness Kickstarter Promises New Ongoing Series
The Darkness #1/2 (2021) by Marc Silvestri *Not Final Cover*

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