[SPOILER]'s Return In Marvel Legacy May Not Be The Internet-Breaking Moment Marvel Hoped

For some time, Marvel has been pushing the exciting, internet-breaking return of a major character in the upcoming Marvel Legacy #1, released Wednesday. Being a couple days before the release of the oversized issue set to key up a number of directions that Marvel will be going in the future, of course the publisher has gone ahead and released the reveal so we can all discuss it early.

But we here at Bleeding Cool like to put spoilers behind a little bit of warning, so those who do not wish to be spoiled won't be. So consider this your spoiler warning if you have somehow miraculously managed to go unspoiled thus far.

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So Marvel has revealed that the popular character making a triumphant return in the Marvel Legacy one-shot is none other than the original Prime Logan/Wolverine, who was killed off around three years ago.

The problem with this reveal is it feels like something of a letdown.

After the push Marvel gave of it being some kind of hugely important character who has actively felt missing from Marvel for years, many had hoped for the Fantastic Four or Phoenix (adult Jean Grey) or pretty much anything else. Something that would be surprising, as those two options would have, given the policies from company owners restricting their use and the sheer amount of time they've been gone, respectively.

Instead, we're getting Wolverine. And while yes, he is a hugely popular character, does it really feel like he's been missing in the time he was technically dead?

Marvel Legacy

Shortly after the death of Logan, Marvel found its new Wolverine in the form of clone Laura Kinney, who became Marvel's All-New Wolverine, even taking a version of Wolverine's classic costume. Shortly after that, and during and post Secret Wars, Marvel brought back and kept around Old Man Logan — basically a copy of the deceased Logan, only grumpier.

Right now, Marvel also have another Wolverine in the form of Jimmy Hudson in X-Men: Blue, an alternate reality son of Wolverine with the same powers, and Daken, the Prime Wolverine's bisexual son, is also running around and will be part of the Marvel Legacy All-New Wolverine plot.

[SPOILER]'s Return In Marvel Legacy May Not Be The Internet-Breaking Moment Marvel Hoped

So while Marvel is definitely right about Wolverine being a hugely popular, fan-favourite character, are they really right about it being felt like he was missed? How can we miss him with four other versions of him running around?

Marvel Legacy #1 will be out this coming Wednesday, and will probably have plenty of other interesting and exciting things within its pages. But the character return really doesn't feel like the reason to buy anymore.

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