Marvel Posts Another Spider-Man Teaser, Dispelling All Prevailing Theories

On Sunday, Marvel Comics posted a Spider-Man teaser, an image of the number "4" created from spider webbing, leading to a flurry of speculation over what the teaser could mean.

The two most obvious theories were that Spider-Man would be crossing over with the Fantastic Four in some way or that Marvel was going to produce a comic book version of Sam Raimi's abandoned script for Spider-Man 4. However, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski claimed it was something fans wouldn't be able to guess…

And today, Marvel seems to have proven Cebulski right, posting a teaser with the number "3."

And leading Cebulski to gloat…

You win this round, Cebulski. Though, to be fair, Cebulski is a master of deception.

So it looks like these Spider-Man teasers are a countdown, and following this schedule, we'll probably see a "2" tomorrow and a "1" on Wednesday. Does that mean the reveal will come Thursday? And will this be for something happening in September, as Marvel's September solicits are set to be released soon?

We'll know soon.

Marvel Posts Another Spider-Man Teaser, Dispelling All Prevailing Theories

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