Silver Surfer By Dan Slott And Michael Allred For NYCC (EVEN FURTHER UPDATE)

No idea about this one, but I bet Rich will have some ideas in a little while. Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Marvel Now… post your guesses in the forum thread.

UPDATE: Rich adds:

We've been seeing a potential return of New Warriors in Nova… Could this be Night Thrasher? Or how about Alpha? Or a bad pun for Silver Surfer?

FURTHER UPDATE: Just had the word. Yup, it's Silver Surfer. Rad and Norrin Radd…

FURTHER FURTHER UPDATE: Ah, remember this one?

After a technical worker hooked up Slott's laptop to the large display screens in the room at the Anaheim Convention Center, the writer's desktop was visible, and it included a couple of items labeled with the name of a different Marvel hero: the Silver Surfer. "What in here should you not see?" he said as he began looking it over and rearranging items. "This is dangerous," he said a few minutes later.

Asked about the Surfer, Slott told the crowd that Marvel has "cosmic stuff" in the works and said, "It would be fun, and I'm, you know, toying around with it — I won't lie, I am toying around with the idea. But let's be serious — I'm doing like two Spider-Man books a month. It ain't happening."


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