Marvel Spoilers For Free Comic Book Day, As Captain America Declares War

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Hear No Spoilers, Say No Spoilers, See No Spoilers.

From this point on, there will be references to Marvel's Free Comic Book Day titles and a plot element from the Civil War movie. Anything more you read from this point on, is your own responsibility…

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So, now we know where we stand. Jim Rhodes, War Machine may have (just) made it out alive in Captain America: Civil War, but meets his maker in Civil War II: Free Comic Book Day. Though She-Hulk makes it out (just). See our reasoning here….


While the new Wasp isn't Hope Pym as many expected, but a brand new Russian character and a seeming secret agent operating against The Vision. Though who knows whose side he is on, in either movie or comic book continuity right now.

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While over in the Captain America Free Comic Book Day, Captain America calls for an official declaration from the USA of War against Hydra. I'm not exactly sure how one officially declares war on something that is not a country, but the US has done it on Drugs and Terror before with equally successful outcomes.

But it does at least target directly the origins of the character, in his 75th Anniversary. He began by taking the war to Germany at a time when the USA was steadfastly not entering the conflict – and it was a controversial move for such a comic book as well. Especially considering it had Captain America punching out another state's leader, right on the cover. I couldn't imagine any Marvel character doing similar to, say Robert Mugabe, these days.

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And over in Dead No More? With the dead returning, as teased in recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man, it does give the indication that, along with Gwen Stacy, that they are all clones courtesy of The Jackal, the man in the red suit.

Who gave us all those lovely Spider-clones and Gwen-clones from before…

Unless this is yet another bait and switch. I don't think anyone would put that past writer Dan Slott.


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